Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Call - What happened?

Well, looks like it's been a long time since I posted. Where to even start.

Looks like people took a "break" for awhile, getting ready for the expansion to come out, a few transfered and a few have come back. LC is on the uprise again and starting to look better.

Congratulations to all the LC members that attended the Kara run on Friday night. I am very excited to say, as a guild, we finally downed Prince. Who would have guessed. We won't mention the fact that Blizzard reduced the HP for all raid bosses which in turn nerfed kara slightly. It was a long night, don't hink we finished until about 2 AM EST, but we did it! So CONGRATULATIONS guys!!!

We have only a couple weeks left before the xpac comes out. I know everyone is getting a little excited and maybe a little afraid. The latest patch definantly showed us a different side of our characters. Some changes we aren't so happy with but it has seemed to put new life back into the guild.

I am very happy to welcome Gaulder back as well!!! We've missed you!!!

Don't forget to post your pics under the gallery page and keep checking the new ingame calendar for our scheduled events. We will no longer be using the group calendar function. See you guys in game soon!!

Happy hunting!

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