Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aggro Issues


What do you mean I have aggro issues? *sigh*

My biggest frustration with my DK at the moment. Don't get me wrong, it's not all the instances, it's not all groups. But it seems the new stuff, H-PoS and HoR are causing me major tanking woes.

Even on normal, Halls of Reflection is causing me aggro issues. The fight is a pain, credit given. But are other tanks having these aggro issues with the waves of trash that come before boss 1 and 2? It seems I can't get and hold aggro on all those mobs for the entire pull.

It goes something like this. Our last group make up was myself, Eto (as enhancement), a disc priest, arms warrior and a mage (sorry don't remember the spec). We did everything we were suppose to. Ran into the corner on the left. The mobs would make their way to us, I'd drop Death and Decay, toss out a Howling Blast to try to give a little extra glue to the mix, then start my normal rotation. Icy Touch, Plague Strike and then pass Pestilence, rinse and repeat with a blood boil thrown in here and there when it's off cooldown.

Even doing everything listed, I'm still loosing aggro on one mob or another. Normally, it's early on. I wish I could say I was loosing it to the super mage AoE or to the warrior spinney attack but I was even loosing it to Eto's off spec attacks. He's not the worst enhancement shaman but his DPS isn't that great. Not enough that I should be loosing aggro to him.

I have commonly had issues with aggro against dps in pugs that pull 6.5K or more. I've had issues with pugs that start their rotation with AoE or a big crit. Those things I can understand. I don't like them, but I can understand them.

So my concern becomes what to do now? My gear is pretty good. I have the dodge, parry, health and armor to tank but the aggro issues blow my mind. Sheesh, there has to be something I'm doing wrong.

Elitist Jerks has always been my go to for tanking troubles. But the DK tanking post is leading me to believe I've hit the content level that is going to require me to go duel wield in order to maintain my aggro level. Seriously?

Anyone that knows me knows what a creature of habit I am. Changing spec or rotation or whatever is required to duel wield, will be like learning a new character all over again. I had just gotten to the point where I thought I knew my class. Two-handed, frost tanking. That's what I am, that's what I know. Please don't' tell me I have to change to keep up.

So lay it on me. Give me your thoughts. Tank in need of a little help here!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Alliance gone bad...

So, not much WoW been going on in my world lately. A kiddo in the hospital over Christmas didn't leave much time for relaxing and the little time I was home there was no time for the game.

However, got to spend the night at home last night and made a pretty big change in my toons.

My very first toon, my very first 70, my first 80, my pride and joy...the toon that has server transferred with me twice, my beautiful Draenei priest is now an Undead. Yep, I made the faction transfer.

Mainly because Eto transferred over his Druid to try out tanking as a bear and when he does I can heal him. But to another level of thought, because it doesn't look like I'll ever be going back to playing the Alliance.

My heart will always be blue, through and through. I'll always be an Ali girl at heart. However, the guild, my DK and my love of the goblins, will keep me Horde side for a very long time. Realizing that finally pushed me to make the jump. I will admit, I did cry when I changed her over. She went from pretty and regal to undead and sneaky. But she's still cute.

I'll post new pics as soon as I can get back home to my computer.

On other news.

Hopefully, we'll be into ToC and Ulduar in the next 2 weeks. Our warrior dps and disc priest are almost 80. I still can't believe how fast they leveled through RaF.

Well, that's it for now, sorry for the lack of post. Late Happy Holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Damn Gear Scores...


One of the things that I wish I knew nothing about. This seems to be the bane of every players existence right now. To get a heads up, to be just a little better then the others...

Even in my own guild, in my own's rearing it's ugly head. My fellow guildies, healers, tanks, even my fiance...they are all striving to be better then the rest, to be on the top of the charts.

Is it really THAT important? You MUST do the daily, you MUST do the weekly's EMBLEMS OF FROST! Feeling like you have to run that last heroic, that last boss fight...just to keep up. Forsaking everything else...

I'm starting to resent the guild chatter about how "so-in-so is only 5 points from being the highest score in the guild" or "omg, he is out scoring me". Starting to find myself getting upset that it really matters that much to people.

Yes, I've always known about gear scores. I've always used it as a "jumping off point" to determine if someone is getting close to being ready for this raid or that. But not to the point that the game is longer enjoyable because it seems everything is a constant battle. A battle for your a game?

So yeah...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Falling Victim

Looks like on or both, Eto and I, are falling victim to the "oh, meh this is below our content level, we don't really have to try" bug.

What do I mean by this? I'm sure most of you have done it at times too. You go into a heroic or lower level raid that you have done more then a few dozen times and don't pay attention, fly through, over pulling, under healing, being distracted, etc.

Maybe it's because my gear has gone up tremendously or because I'm getting 'too easy to heal' or just because I'm overconfident in myself, but it never fails it seems in at least 1 heroic a night one of us royally screws up.

Last night it seemed to be me. On 2 heroics, UP and HoS, we wiped a total of 4 times. I can't even remember the last time I had a group wipe in a heroic.

Granted, I had never done HoS on heroic because I think that place is the devil, but still..gah! The first wipe was do to a bad pull on my part so I aggro'd 3 groups and the second was a "near" wipe, somehow the mage survived long enough to end the event with the Dwarf. Have I mention I HATE the cooldown on D&D. *sigh*

No, UP I had no excuse for. Both wipes came on the Gauntlet boss. Eto wasn't healing in the beginning we had a druid healer from the guild. Now I may do this differently then most but I run half way, kill the mobs, the gather up the rest and run into the room at the end of the hallway. Because if D&D is on cool down it's easier for me to have the mobs in a confined room so that I can blood boil and pick them up. The druid couldn't see in the room so he stayed outside. We had Eto picking up the harpoons and when he finally got the guy down on the ground the healer was out of mana so we lost the entire group. Rinse and repeat again before Eto switched to his healing gear and we downed the boss with little to no problem.

Sadly, it again puts a doubt in myself and my ability to hold threat. *sigh*

So chalk it up to silly mistakes because we are over confident in ourselves or because we're not paying attention or even because we're tired I suppose, but it's never really a good thing for the ego.

On a bright note, I ran into a guildie from the Alliance side last night on his Horde toon. He is one of the MTs in Whispers of the Fallen on his warrior and also the raid leader. he took the liberty of inspecting my gear and I was pleasantly surprised when I got praise from him. Why did this delight me so? Well awhile back I wrote about how he had politely and kindly implied that my lock's gear wasn't "good enough" to throw at their T9 progression group. So getting compliments on my gear from him was a nice change of pace. He made a couple simple suggestions, like switching out my belt, which I did and tada...Blizzard's LFR Finder says I can queue up for ICC10. You know, if I ever decide I need to commit suicide.

Besides that? We've got 9 of our 10 spots filled for our raid team! Yay! It's possible we might have the 10th spot as well I just need to talk to a guildie to find out if he is going to raid with us. The break down goes like this:
Kalyara - Main Tank (DK)
Kiwalski - Off Tank (Warrior)

Etolani - Tank Heals (Shaman)
Savilla* - Tank Heals (Disc Priest)
Raggy - Party Heals (Druid)

Merkit - Ranged (Warlock)
Shayloah - Ranged (Hunter)
Kat - Melee (Paladin)
Crobin* - Melee (Warrior)
Reyfentasma - Melee (Rogue)

* - These toons are level 65 and very quickly leveling their way up

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dungeon Dummy Finder

I have officially determined the new LFG system has a few major perks and a major downfalls.

1 - I can pug a random heroic or dungeon and have little to no wait time. I think the longest I've waited for a group is 1 minutes 12 seconds.
2 - Easy way to gain extra emblems. Gaining 2 extra emblems on every heroic as long as you do random is crazy! That makes every run 5 - 7 emblems each.
3 - Getting gear is too easy!! I've gotten my second T9 piece and I'm only 19 emblems away from my 3rd. That's with me not really "grinding" the heroics. I do a couple a night then head off to do other things. So, if someone wanted, and I know a couple who have done so, they could have their entire T9 set in just a couple days of long heroic grinds.
4 - The groups are pretty well balanced. I have only had a couple groups where we've had one person be seriously over our gear level or slightly under. Meaning, we've had one or two groups where someone is pulling 2K more dps then everyone else and only 1 or 2 where someone is way under on dps.
5 - Meeting new people!

1 - LFG Random allows idiots to get groups when everyone on their normal server has already blacklisted or put them on ignore. (examples to come)
2 - Getting gear is TOO easy! That's right, it's a pro and a con. I've seen too many people with good gear, good emblem gear, that still don't know how to play their class. Cause you know, gear can only get you so far. If you're decked out in all emblem gear and still only pulling 1K - 1.5K dps, then it's not the gear, is the player.
3 - Everyone thinks their a rock star! Or better yet they get the power of Group Lead and think they are the Almighty. (examples to come)

So, anyone else seeing these things? Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love the new LFG system because it makes getting into chain heroics no longer require you to find 4 other people that want to run them back to back and then waiting 20 - 30 minutes while people afk or while you look for replacements when someone has to go.

Now, as I said LFG seems to be Blizzards way of throwing idiots, who would not normally get to run instances/heroics, off on the rest of us who work our butts off to get where we are and did it by being NICE and knowing how to play. Why do those "idiots" not normally get to run? Because everyone on their server has already put them on ignore, won't run with them, won't guild them, etc.

Why are other players doing this to them? Because those idiots are just that - idiots. They are the mouthy, know-it all, holy-er then thou, rude, abrasive, bossy players that have no clue how to play their class.

To the other extreme, you have those people that have super dps but are only worried about pushing those high numbers and don't care what they have to do to get it. They have no regard to threat at all. They will start their rotation, pop AoE or toss their highest crit attack without waiting to make sure the tank has aggro.

These extremist, in most cases, are worse then the idiots we've found. I've had Paladins pulling 6.5K dps that pay no attention at all to their treat. They will randomly pull mobs, lay the smack down before I even have time to pass pestilence or even mistarget and decide they need to OT one of the mobs. Not to mention the mages and warlocks that will down one target and instead of loosing the proc that will ensure them the massive crits, turn and automatically cast it on a group that I haven't pulled yet, just because it's too important not to loose that boosted arcane barrage or incinerate.

So, we have the extremists and the idiots. Now I won't spend a lot of time on the ones that have just decided that having a random group of people they will never see again means they can be rude and abrasive. Those are the ones that have no courtesy and think that they don't need to watch their language or that downing other players is acceptable. This group is also where we find the "I have the power!" players. These are the ones that got designated party leader in the random build of the group and think that this give them the ability to boss everyone around, pull the mobs and bitch when the tank doesn't pull them off. This is the crazy dps Paladin pulling 896 dps in ToC who took it upon themselves to start every encounter without allowing time for the healer to get mana, etc. Sorry dude, group lead doesn't make you God!

Seriously, people! Just because you're in a random group with other players you are likely to never see again doesn't mean you can act like complete morons! What happened to courtesy and patience? If anything, having the random LFG system should reinforce that. We have to explain these fights, we have to mark the mobs because we're not use to running with each other and I'm not use to your spiky damage that may pull aggro so give me a chance to build up some cushion!

*sigh* Think I'm going to need the ability to ignore more then 50 people Blizz.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gear Score Junky

So I've officially depressed myself. =P

Gear scores are the devil! Even to those of us who use to use it to judge content level ability.

So my DK's WoW Hero's score is 2361. Her BeImba! score is 537. Not too bad, or so I thought.

Until I made the mistake of checking another frost DK on the sites. Now I greatly respect this player and consider her a friend. She's a reader of my blog and a member of my guild (on an alt) but OMG, her gear score is 2710!!

Now, don't start screaming at me. I know I really can't compare my gear score to another toon who is doing much higher content then me. But, seriously, thats enough to humbled someone! =P

Oh, well, so I've been humbled for the day. *sigh*

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Like Mother...Like Son?

So, I'm so extremely excited about the Christmas present that Santa is bringing to my oldest son this year. Any guesses?

He's getting a laptop! Why does this excite me so much? Because I can play WoW with him!!

I have no idea why I am so giggy excited about the idea of rolling another lowbie toon to play with him but I am.

I know this will probably be a toon I never get leveled past 20ish and seriously will never see level 80, since he will roll his toon on Eto's RaF account which doesn't even have BC, but I'm still excited. The idea of being able to spend time with him (he's 9) in the game, showing him around and seeing the world through his eyes, is awesome!

The guild is doing awesome. We got the 80 Party Heal Druid and the wonder boy OT warrior into the guild last night. Sav and Cro are into their mid 40s on their RaF toons. That puts us even closer to being able to raid consistently.

We lead our first random raid last night. It was the first time I've been a raid leader since BC. Kind of excited and scary at the same time. We only did FL and XT, since XT was the weekly raid. However, just doing those was awesome! Oh, and guess what...we did FL on HARDMODE! Yay, go us.

Afterwards Eto, Merk (the warlock), Raggy and Kiwi (druid and warrior) hit up the new 5 man instances.

Let me just they...the first time through, Blizzard really made it feel like an epic encounter. Forge of Souls and the second dungeon are pretty simple. The Gauntlet run through the tunnel in dungeon 2 can be a little tricky but otherwise pretty easy. And Merk was right Lady Sylvanis did show up to save him and us while she was at it.

HoR on the other hand was a totally different story. I HATE that place. In the first round you're in a room doing a battle similar to VH. You get 5 rounds of mobs, containing mages, priests and hunters. Sheesh, does Blizzard just hate us tanks? Then on round 5 and 10 you get a boss. The bosses are pretty easy but it's the casters that really hurt you.

Then it's off to fight a few more trash mobs on your way to save Lady Sylvanis. After you finally find her, it's another gauntlet run but this time...(shield eyes if you don't want spoilers) you're running from the Lich King. It makes for a totally epic feel to the fight. You have to periodically stop and fight while Lady Sylvanis breaks downs some wall. The whole time Arthas is coming towards you, spawning Abombs and Witch Doctors.

I highly recommend that everyone follow the dialogue on these instances your first couple times through. It's totally worth it, even if you're not so into the lore.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Icecrown 5 Mans

Done some research and I think I'm about as ready as I can be to go into the new 5 man instances. Granted, no where near ready for the raid but the strategy on the 5 mans content won't be totally overwhelming for me.

Thought I'd share this research with you guys. Now I don't claim to have done these instances myself, so this is jut what I've read.

Forge Soul: There are only 2 bosses in the first encounter of the 5 man citadel instances.
Bronjahm the Godfather of Soul
This is the first boss encounter in the new 5 man content. From everything I've read he kind of works like the guardians in Ulduar with the spark that goes between thm.

Bronjahm needs to be kited around the round slightly. he will randomly rip a spirit soul from a player and draw this to him. The Tank will need to kite the boss away from the soul while the DPS focus on taking it down. If it does reach him, it will heal him for a substantial amount of health. When he reaches about 25% health he will start doing AoE damage to the entire party so this is the time to pop your cooldowns. bloodlust, etc.

Devourer of Souls
Seems the second boss encounter in the instance is going to be a little more tricky then the first.

First off, he does a "Mirrored Soul" attack. This will share any incoming damage dealt to the boss with a random party member. Luckily, it seems he will jump targets from the tank to the member who will be his victim a few moments before he casts the spell. This should give healers a heads up and allow them to focus their heals on the target.

Secondly, he will call forth dozens of intangible spirits that will attack the entire party. Sadly, there is nothing that can really be done about these because they are not targetable. So, keep your party up as best you can and carry on.

The biggest annoyance for this boss, or so it seems to me, is that he, like C'thun's Eye and Mimiron's Lasor Barrage, shoots a pew pew beam that travels counter clockwise around the room. This needs to be avoided at all costs.

Pit of Saron: There is 3 fights in the second encounter.
Forgemaster Garfrost
The first thing for tanks to be aware of is that the boss has several adds near him that when pulled, will trigger the fight.

Now this fight seems to be very similar to Volkhan in Halls of Lightning. Surprise, surprise Blizzard likes reusing their stuff, who would have thought!

He has three major things to take into consideration. He does a knock back ability, a stun and AoE debuffs that stack and increase vulnerability to frost.

The dps and healer can clear the debuff stacks by standing behind the large saronite boulders he throws at them. However, the tank can only clear his/her debuffs when Garfrost punts them backwards so that he can run to the forge to get another weapon. At this time, the tank needs to run behind the boulder in order to reduce the number of stacks he/she is holding.

Krick the Ick
Yay for the Ick.

This guy is very straightforward. Don't stand in the nasty pools of ick on the floor and run away from his bombs. How simple can you get? Just be sure to pay attention as the bombs do AoE damage when they explode, otherwise tank and spank!

The Guntlet/Scourgelord Tyrannus
So I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about why you do what you do here because it could be considered spoilers. But here is the general run down.

The tank is going to really have to prove himself/herself here. Every will be running to avoid falling objects, the tank will have to pick up the mobs while running and pull them along in order for the party to escape safely.

It is important here for the DPS to remember the tank does not have time to build sufficient aggro so DON'T DPS, just run. The same applies to the healer, heal as little as possible to avoid pulling aggro on yourself. If the tank is geared well enough, avoid Renew, Earth Shield, etc. This will reduce the amount of heal aggro generated.

Once out and adds are killed, Tyrannus becomes the focus of your dps. It's another DPS race, pop your heroism if you have it and kill him as quickly as possible otherwise your group becomes overrun with undead zombies and will be a wipe.

Well, that's the insight I have into the first two encounters in the new Icecrown Citidale 5 man. There is one wing left, Halls of Reflection, that I will update on later.

Until then, have fun!

Patch 3.3 - Changes

Looks like Blizzard confirmed 3.3 will release today.

So I decided it was time to take a in depth look at the patch notes to see how they will effect me.

Just from a brief overview here is my thoughts:

•Army of the Dead: The cooldown on this ability has been reduced from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. Army Ghoul damage dropped by 50%. Cannot be used in Arenas.

Omg, I hate this and love it at the same time. I love that they are dropping the cool down from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. This is totally awesome. It's much easier to hold off 10 minutes after wiping on Black Knight because you burned you army on phase 2 not knowing you were lacking the DPS to get down his 3rd phase. Yeah, can lecture me on better ways to do this later.

But I hate that they are reducing the army's damage by 50%! That's huge! Really couldn't they reduce it by 20% or even 30%. I don't do a lot of damage as it, I'm a TANK! but there has been a time or two that army has saved us from a wipe with a low DPS Pug group.

•Rune Strike: Threat generated by this ability increased by approximately 17%.

•Glyph of Icy Touch: Instead of granting additional runic power, this glyph now causes Frost Fever to deal 20% additional damage.

Now these I can't complain about at all. All I can say is "Thank you Blizzard!" /salute A change that actually helps us and doesn't hurt us.

Groups using this tool will be able to teleport directly to the selected instance. Upon leaving the instance, players will be returned to their original location. If any party member needs to temporarily leave the instance for reagents or repairs, they will have the option to teleport back to the instance.

Another awesome change. You can teleport back to town for repairs or whatever and the teleport back to the instance without begging a lock to waste a soulshard to summon you!

Now I'm sure this will have it's downfalls as well. There are always people that abuse the ability and make it horrible for other people. But hopefully everyone is adult enough to use this wisely.

•Bind-on-Account Items: Players can now mail Bind-on-Account items to characters on the same account and realm regardless of faction. Please note this only applies to Bind-on-Account items. Other items or gold cannot be sent via mail to characters on the same realm and account if they are from differing factions.

This, is my all time greatest gift ever from Blizzard. Lots and lots and lots of love being sent to all the Blizzard folks this Holiday season. You guys are awesome! Finally I can send that BoA gear over to my new main Horde toons.

This is something I think EVERYONE will be happy about!

Other interesting points to be excited about:
•Occulus got some changes, so people may actually do the instance
•Players no longer need to kill the final bosses in all four wings of Naxx in order to teleport to Sapphiron. Teleportation orbs have been added to allow players access back and forth from Sapphiron's lair.
•Quest tracking may eliminate the need for Carbonite? Sweet!
•Weekly raid quests implemented. May actually see people putting together Naxx pugs again!
•Remember the ring upgrade system from Kara, well it's back for ICC now!
•New LFG system is going live. PUG pet! Yay!
•Meeting stones only require that a player be at least level 15, which means you can someone anyone over level 15 anywhere. Yay, for summoning your level 80 friend to run you through Deadmines...*sigh*

So ends part 1 of my patch blog. I am currently working on details and notes on the 5 player instances. Mainly for myself. but I hope to have that posted today as well. So, just an insight on strategy there. Stay tuned!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Let me say...tonight has been a good night.

Had more fun chatting in guild with our new members then I've had in a long time.

I am so very glad to have you all!!

/wave to all my new friends.

Secondly, I got a pretty mount!

*sigh* Happy Kaly!

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The Birth of a New Hero

Yay, what a fun, fun weekend!

Eto and I got sucked into the Refer a Friend train.

Yeah, yeah, I have no idea why. Apparently, we were bored and it sounded like fun. We have two new guild members (/wave to Crobin and Saville) that joined us from the WoW_Ladies group over on Live Journal. They responded to my plea for casual raid members and decided to roll toons on our server with their RaF account.

Now, after only a few hours of play (spread across 3 days) they went from level 1 to 24. Total play time is maybe...5 hours? Yes, RaF is crazy!

A few posts back I had mentioned wanting to try out tanking on a Paladin, since secretly, I've always wanted to play one but never leveled one up. So, when Eto and I started talking about this we immediately decided to try out the RaF to see just how fast we do level.

Thus was born, Arialana, a tiny female bloodelf and Aurael, a quirky little undead priest.

Eto and I rolled a mage/shadow priest combo on an European server a few months back and abandoned as the draw to come home, to Shadow Council, proved to be too strong. We had debated transferring those toons over with us but since I plan to roll a mage goblin when Cataclysm hits, he decided to humor me and roll the shadow priest on our RaF account.

Our progress so far? We hit level 16 last night after about 3 (none consistent) hours of play. None consistent in the fact that we spent a lot of time messing with our UIs, logging in and out trying to get Eto's account to report as a normal and not a trial account, toon hopping to get gold and bags, hearthing back for skills and just randomly AFKing for food, drinks, talking etc.

I have found at least 3 issues so far with doing RaF account leveling.
1. You out level your zone before the quests are nearly done. - Example, we were out of the Undead starting area after doing only 4 quests. The quests in our log are yellow when we pick them up and then green or grey by the time we turn them in. We've had to abandon our entire unfinished quest log on several occasions and move onto the next zone just because all the mobs we are killing have gone grey. Yes, you really do level that fast in the beginning. I suppose this will probably start to level itself out as we start getting into the higher levels.

2. You out level your gear faster then you can change it. We're both, for the most part, in the white/grey gear we got from the early starting quests/drops. With the exception of a couple of lowbie greens I had in the bank our gear is horrible. It doesn't exactly make since, at this stage at least, to spend money on getting gear from the AH, since in an hour or less we'd be back buying more.

3. You can't level professions. Not enough time. Looks like we'll have to go back and power level them once our RaF boost is over. And you can't afford to pay for your skills without the help from your other toons. You just don't loot or make enough gold to keep up with them. Thankfully, I can send gold from my other toons for us.

Now the biggest problem we are having is that we can't seem to get Eto's 2nd account to drop the temporary account restrictions. So, as of now we can't add him to the guild, I can't trade with him and he has limited chat functions.

I totally understand why Blizzard does this. It prevents account hackers and gold spammers/sellers from using the free trial accounts to aid in their misadventures. But we've paid the 19.95, which I assume is for us to get the actual game and we've set it up on a monthly subscription, what's the hold up? *sigh* Hopefully, this will be fixed by the time we get back online tonight.

**EDIT** Per Blizzard's forums, it appears that upgrading from a trial account to a standard acccount can (and usually does) take up to 72 hours for the billing department to verify payment and lift restrictions on your trial account. IF you buy the game in a retail store and have the new, unused, key code for the game it is almost an instant lift of restrictions. But since we did everything through Blizzard we are going to have to wait it out to get all but the leveling restrictions lifted. He can, at least, continue to level without the level 10 cap. Just an FYI for anyone thinking of doing RaF.

On to other news:
Spent Saturday morning leveling my city rep with Org and the Trolls. DKs really have a disadvantage when it comes to rep grinding. Having done almost no quests on either of the "Old World" continents, left me with very little in the way of starting rep for any of my factions. But I did manage to get exalted with the Trolls (yay for FINALLY getting a raptor mount on one of my toons!) and nearly exalted with Org.

However, the biggest squee for me came by way of Koltira's Pauldrons of Conquest. I finally ran enough daily heroics to save enough emblems for my T9 shoulders!

So, to feed my gear score junky side for a moment. I am super excited that my Be Imba score has gone up to 534 and my WoW Heros score is 2353. Now to just replace those pesky legs, belt, gloves, ring, trinket and cloak. /facepalm

It's a never ending battle!

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Possible DK Tanking Changes with the Patch

So I found this in a "blue" post on MMO-Champion:

Effective Health and Tanking
Too many of you are using EH (which is a very powerful concept for purposes of trying to decide how to gear your tank) as the number that indicates tank awesomeness. The higher the EH, the better tank I must be. It's just not that simple.

I have yet to see any data that suggests warriors wipe relatively more than other tanks. What so many of these posts say are:

1) I wipe a lot. It must be my class.
2) Because my EH is lower, I am guessing that I wipe more often.
3) I'm not sure if I wipe more often or not, but please just give me a buff so I feel better.

The only argument I have seen so far that seems at all reasonable is that stamina scaling or other factors might eventually lead to warriors (and DKs) having a problem, and that "eventually" could happen in Icecrown. Unfortunately that's impossible to prove or disprove at this stage since it's all speculation. It's definitely something to keep an eye on though.

So the part that is of concern is highlighted in the last paragraph.

"The only argument I have seen so far that seems at all reasonable is that stamina scaling or other factors might eventually lead to warriors (and DKs) having a problem, and that "eventually" could happen in Icecrown."

It appears from reading through the post, a lot of warriors are complaining that their tanking ability isn't as high as Druids, Paladins and possibly DKs.

I'm not sure if I agree or disagree with that statement. I believe all tanks have perks based on their class. Druids have ungodly amounts of health and armor. Paladins have great AoE ability and not to mention Lay on Hands. Deathknights have Death and Decay combined with Pestilence and Rune Strike. Warriors have shield bash in the mix of other class specific abilities.

So I'm not sure I agree with the logic behind the complaints but what does worry me is that they are talking about stamina scaling us?!? Seriously, we don't have any more stamina boost than a Paladin has. We sure don't have the amount of boosts that a druid gets.

Yes, Frost Presence does give me an added 6% boost to my stamina. 6%! That really isn't that much! I've picked enchants and gems to help it boost where I can. I currently have all epic stamina gems in my sockets...that gives me +32 stamina each. I am using 2 dragon's eye gems for stamina that gives me +52 stamina each and I have a couple stamina boost enchants.

Rightfully, I've worked hard to get my health pool up to 32,000+ self buffed. Compared to many of the other tanks I pass in Dalaran and near summoning stones for raids...I'm not nearly as high as most of them.

So with that being said, if you "scale" my stamina boosts too much, that nice little health pool that I've been trying to build up could drop back below 30,000.

I'm not sure what boosts warriors get but I'm sure they wouldn't be too happy to see their health pool dropped either.

On the reverse of this. Deathknights do have a large mitigation percentage. The idea for me is to NOT get hit but when I do, to have the health to buy time for a healer to recover me.

With a druid, their avoidance is much lower, but they can take more hits and still recover.

Paladins and warriors have the ability to block. This is a stat that I can't get. I don't have the ability to carry a shield. Not to mention Paladins want to get hit in order to help them gain threat.

All things being said and considered, this could be a big downfall for DKs more so then warriors I think. It's not unusual now to see "LF Tank for xxxx (no DKs)" in the looking for group channel. Lowering our stamina could make this even more common. We're already classified by many of our fellow gamers as "dumbknights", why give them another reason to doubt our abilities?

Maybe it's time for me to rethink the idea of rolling a Paladin.

I may be totally off here and they are talking about the nerfs that have already taken effect, and I hope that's the case. Maybe they aren't leaning towards nerfing our stamina pools again. If that's the case, then I'm ok with where my stamina pool is now, just don't lower it again!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Looks like I can't think of a single thing to post on today...

We missed Ulduar this week. Were down a healer for the Tuesday night raid and Eto has the flu so we didn't go for Weds night either.

Haven't been able to do the daily heroics so the three days I needed for my T9 shoulders is still 3.

Logged on long enough to help a friend do the Amphitheater last night and then it was back off again.

May go beat on some ZG trash on my own tonight, who knows.

Been a lonely week.

Maybe I'll have more to discuss later.

Happy Thrusday all...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello...whoooooo are you?

I read an interesting blog the other day. Karatheya over at Cold Comfort wrote a thought provoking article on how much we invest in the growth of other players. That starting me wondering.

The key point that I got from the article was simple. Investing in random pug players today may save us some time tomorrow.

There are several ways you can look at this.

1. His/Her point - They could be the recruits applying to your guilds in the future thus they need less work when they join then they would have if we didn't invest time to help them out a few weeks/months prior when we pugged with them.

2. They could be tank/healer/dps we find ourselves pugging with on a semi-regular basis.

3. There are only so many people you can place on your ignore list. And if we ignore every player that didn't live up to would be a lonely, lonely place.

Pugging is a daily routine for Eto and I. We both like to do instances and like to raid. But as history, and previous blogs have shown, growing a guild isn't going so well. This leaves us needing to pug at least 3 dps every night when we do the daily heroic. Not to mention we pug for every Ulduar raid on a weekly basis.

Our Alliance toons have the benefit of not needing to pug. They are members, in good standings, of a well established, decent progression guild. This allows them to see the end content, heroics and events without ever having to pug for them.

Eto and I also tend to be the type of people that enjoy helping other players. We don't mind spending time talking gear, rotation, stats or strategy with another person that's trying to learn. But just as often as we find a player that wants help, we find just as many that don't.

So many puggers we run into really don't care that they are rolling on gear with the wrong stats for their character, or putting the wrong enchants/gems into that gear. Then they whine and complain because the other hunter/mage/warrior in the group has DPS that is twice as high as theirs and they just don't understand why. Thus, I'm sure, the reason they are pugging and not off raiding with their guild.

But for those few that do care, that really want to know why and what they can do to improve, taking the time to invest in them could save us all some time in the future.

Save you some time when they do eventually gear up and apply to your raiding guild and save me some time when they show up in my raid/heroic pug.

This has been the case with my 2 recent projects. The demonology warlock and the prot warrior. When I first met them both they were in the wrong type of gear, having issues with their gear and heading in the wrong direction. Both were new to instances, afraid of pugging because they were being ridiculed. But really, they just needed a little guidance.

I'm proud to say the little warlock previously under my wings is now pushing over 3,000 dps, as demo...that's saying ALOT. The warrior...well, he's now up to par to OT Ulduar and continuing to grow.

Either of the players are an asset to any group they join now. They are no longer a hindrance but an asset. So if you get them in your group, remember they once were the players you would have put on ignore and now they are the ones you want to have around when you need a good player to fill your pug spot.

Take a little time and help out those who need it. You will find, in the end, it benefits us all.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This made me giggle! Enjoy!

Times they are a'changin

Or so it seems.

After a conversation last night with a blogger friend that randomly decided to roll on our server and spend a little time in our lonely guild, I realized things really -have- changed in my beloved game.

From days gone by, when I was priesting my way through the Burning Crusade, healing my beloved boyfriend tank and all the guildies that I held so dear. Watching the fall of Kara and Zul'Aman. Flying over the vast plains of the Outlands. Proud created of remotely well known guild. Enjoying my place, my friends, my time...

To the adventures of a lovely little demonology lock determined to hold her own against all odds and prove she could raid with her Felguard. Everyone tried so hard to convince me that demonology locks are not meant for raiding. After some time I did come to realize they sadly, were right and thus my adventures into lockdom ended abruptly.

Now the present, a tiny little DK tank from the other side of the tracks. A little bloodelf that once I would have shunned because she came from the "dark" side. A skinny little, bouncy chick with an attitude. Constantly fighting to hold her place in the big bad world that is known mainly to the men in the game. Tanking isn't a girls job...or so she is told...

From a priest to a lock to a death knight...

From a healer to the tank...

From Alliance to the Horde...

From progression raiding to duoing the places we once loved...

From a guild full of friends, fun and excitement to a silent, lonely place.

Things they are a'changing.

What does this mean? I'm not really sure.

I miss my small, close knit guild. I miss the Alliance side. I miss healing. I miss planing the raids and celebrating the small advances. I miss the excitement of vent when we would succeed. I miss doing it all with friends. I miss the things you just can't get from a pug.

I love tanking. I love my deathknight. I enjoy the new people I meet. I like being able to duo the old content I loved so much. I like being able to slow down and enjoy things with Eto that we couldn't before when the guild took up 95% of our time.

Yes I know I can continue to progress with the pugs...but will that ever be enough? Probably not. I miss the people and try as we may, rebuilding that is not going so well. It's just not the time or we're not in the right place to build it up.

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