Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patch 3.3 - Changes

Looks like Blizzard confirmed 3.3 will release today.

So I decided it was time to take a in depth look at the patch notes to see how they will effect me.

Just from a brief overview here is my thoughts:

•Army of the Dead: The cooldown on this ability has been reduced from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. Army Ghoul damage dropped by 50%. Cannot be used in Arenas.

Omg, I hate this and love it at the same time. I love that they are dropping the cool down from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. This is totally awesome. It's much easier to hold off 10 minutes after wiping on Black Knight because you burned you army on phase 2 not knowing you were lacking the DPS to get down his 3rd phase. Yeah, yeah...you can lecture me on better ways to do this later.

But I hate that they are reducing the army's damage by 50%! That's huge! Really couldn't they reduce it by 20% or even 30%. I don't do a lot of damage as it, I'm a TANK! but there has been a time or two that army has saved us from a wipe with a low DPS Pug group.

•Rune Strike: Threat generated by this ability increased by approximately 17%.

•Glyph of Icy Touch: Instead of granting additional runic power, this glyph now causes Frost Fever to deal 20% additional damage.

Now these I can't complain about at all. All I can say is "Thank you Blizzard!" /salute A change that actually helps us and doesn't hurt us.

Groups using this tool will be able to teleport directly to the selected instance. Upon leaving the instance, players will be returned to their original location. If any party member needs to temporarily leave the instance for reagents or repairs, they will have the option to teleport back to the instance.

Another awesome change. You can teleport back to town for repairs or whatever and the teleport back to the instance without begging a lock to waste a soulshard to summon you!

Now I'm sure this will have it's downfalls as well. There are always people that abuse the ability and make it horrible for other people. But hopefully everyone is adult enough to use this wisely.

•Bind-on-Account Items: Players can now mail Bind-on-Account items to characters on the same account and realm regardless of faction. Please note this only applies to Bind-on-Account items. Other items or gold cannot be sent via mail to characters on the same realm and account if they are from differing factions.

This, is my all time greatest gift ever from Blizzard. Lots and lots and lots of love being sent to all the Blizzard folks this Holiday season. You guys are awesome! Finally I can send that BoA gear over to my new main Horde toons.

This is something I think EVERYONE will be happy about!

Other interesting points to be excited about:
•Occulus got some changes, so people may actually do the instance
•Players no longer need to kill the final bosses in all four wings of Naxx in order to teleport to Sapphiron. Teleportation orbs have been added to allow players access back and forth from Sapphiron's lair.
•Quest tracking may eliminate the need for Carbonite? Sweet!
•Weekly raid quests implemented. May actually see people putting together Naxx pugs again!
•Remember the ring upgrade system from Kara, well it's back for ICC now!
•New LFG system is going live. PUG pet! Yay!
•Meeting stones only require that a player be at least level 15, which means you can someone anyone over level 15 anywhere. Yay, for summoning your level 80 friend to run you through Deadmines...*sigh*

So ends part 1 of my patch blog. I am currently working on details and notes on the 5 player instances. Mainly for myself. but I hope to have that posted today as well. So, just an insight on strategy there. Stay tuned!


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