Friday, December 11, 2009

Gear Score Junky

So I've officially depressed myself. =P

Gear scores are the devil! Even to those of us who use to use it to judge content level ability.

So my DK's WoW Hero's score is 2361. Her BeImba! score is 537. Not too bad, or so I thought.

Until I made the mistake of checking another frost DK on the sites. Now I greatly respect this player and consider her a friend. She's a reader of my blog and a member of my guild (on an alt) but OMG, her gear score is 2710!!

Now, don't start screaming at me. I know I really can't compare my gear score to another toon who is doing much higher content then me. But, seriously, thats enough to humbled someone! =P

Oh, well, so I've been humbled for the day. *sigh*

Happy Friday!


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