Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Alliance gone bad...

So, not much WoW been going on in my world lately. A kiddo in the hospital over Christmas didn't leave much time for relaxing and the little time I was home there was no time for the game.

However, got to spend the night at home last night and made a pretty big change in my toons.

My very first toon, my very first 70, my first 80, my pride and joy...the toon that has server transferred with me twice, my beautiful Draenei priest is now an Undead. Yep, I made the faction transfer.

Mainly because Eto transferred over his Druid to try out tanking as a bear and when he does I can heal him. But to another level of thought, because it doesn't look like I'll ever be going back to playing the Alliance.

My heart will always be blue, through and through. I'll always be an Ali girl at heart. However, the guild, my DK and my love of the goblins, will keep me Horde side for a very long time. Realizing that finally pushed me to make the jump. I will admit, I did cry when I changed her over. She went from pretty and regal to undead and sneaky. But she's still cute.

I'll post new pics as soon as I can get back home to my computer.

On other news.

Hopefully, we'll be into ToC and Ulduar in the next 2 weeks. Our warrior dps and disc priest are almost 80. I still can't believe how fast they leveled through RaF.

Well, that's it for now, sorry for the lack of post. Late Happy Holidays to all!


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