Monday, January 31, 2011

*Crawls Into a Hole to Hide*

Yes, yes, it appears we will be trying out Bastion of Twilight tonight. (blah, blah, know with all the "if I get picked to go" stuff goes here) And since I picked a feature boss last week I figured I'd do the same this week. However, this week, I went with the one I seem to be most afraid of.

Let me just say...."OMG, I'M SCARED OF HALFUS AND HIS DRAGONS!" Why, you may ask? Well it's like Omnitron Council on crack. Apparently, there are 5 dragons but only three will be active. Which dragons you get is random each week!

This is a total "If Then" fight. If this dragon is active, so this but if that dragon is active to that instead. You know, that sort of thing. Holy crap this is going to be confusing.

However, based on what I've studied, this is what I know.

The first dragon I'll talk about is the Slate Dragon. When he is up, Halfus will gain Malevolent Strikes. This applies a healing debuff, and will require the tanks to swap to drop the stacks. Releasing this dragon will cause the boss to periodically be stunned for 12 seconds.

Secondly lets talk about Storm Rider. Activating this dragon will cause Halfus to gains a shadow nova attack. It does roughly 30k shadow damage and knocks everyone back. The good thing about releasing this boss is it will allow you to interrupt the scary nova attack. The not so nice part, is it seems the first shadow nova will go off regardless and you're healers will have to deal with the damage before you're able to release the dragon and start interrupts.

Next is Nether Scion. If he's up Halfus’ attack speed will double. Releasing him will cast a debuff that will reduce his chance to hit, attack speed, and damage done by 25%.

Then there are the stupid Emerald Whelps! If they are up the dragon gains scorching breath and behaves much like the bost in Grim Bartol. You know the one that will engulf everything in front of him in a purple flame. Yep, nice repeat of the mechanic Bliz. If you release the whelps, then they case a stacking poision that reduces the dragon's damage done. But you know...don't be stupid...get out of the way! Your healer will loves you!

Lastly is the Time Warden. When active the dragon will spit random fireballs at people. *sigh* Thanks!

So that's how the adds go. From what I can find, the ideal way to handle them is to kill the 2 most annoying drakes first and then focus on the boss.

And if that's not enough, below 50% Halfus will periodically cast Furious Roar, which will deal somewhere around 10K dps to everyone in the party and knock them back.

Oh and did I mention he has a 6 minute enrage timer? Yep, fun times!

Happy Hunting everyone.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interesting Facts...

1 - We 2 shot Magmaw last night (our second time into BWD)
2 - We 6 (or 7 or 8ish) shot Omitron Council
3 - We were not prepared for anything past that - planning wise
4 - Throne of Four Winds is CRAZY!
5 - Raid bosses are rigged to not drop cloth healer lootz!

Raid night number two was a big success. Though a little shocking since we didn't know there would be a raid #2 until Tuesday night. Our all powerful, all knowing raid leaders came up with this wonderful plan to alternate Monday and Wednesday raid nights between Twilight Baston and Deathwing Decent. This was designed to allow for more people to be able to raid each week.

Both Monday and Wednesday night's raid queue had at least 15 people in it. Not to mention both filled up unbelievably fast. The idea was for those people that had not been able to attend on Monday to take preference over those that had.

Because of this, completely reasonable logic, I was pretty sure Kyn and I would not be needed last night. However, I assume they still wanted to fill the raid at least half way with people that already knew that fight and would be able to help those that hadn't.

If that was the purpose, it worked! As I said, we were able to 2 shot the boss with no problems at all. Honestly, it would probably have been a one shot except we had a ranged dps accidentally step too far away from the boss. Doing so caused the lava pillar to spawn in the middle of the ranged and melee, which as everyone knows also spawns the parasites, which caused way too many people to get infected thus caused a wipe.

It also seemed that no one expected us to down the Omnitron Council as quickly as we did since research hadn't really been done on the bosses after them. It was funny to see people standing around wondering what to do next. The suggestion was offered to end the raid early but being the adventurous people that we are, we decided to give the first boss in Throne of Four Winds a go.

Now this is normally when I would tell you how the fight mechanics work and what I learned from it. Sadly, the only thing I can tell you is there is a lot of jumping and switching and switching back and full on cray stuff going on. Basically there is 3 platforms and each holds a "boss". You divide your group up between them and when certain things happen, part of those groups have to jump from on platform to another, wait for some big event, then rush back and hope the people they left behind didn't die.

So yeah, totally CRAZY stuff. I'm sure we'll get it, and it was very fun and educational, to at least see the fight. But we'll venture in next time, a little more prepared!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy hunting everyone.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BWD In Review

Well, they say pictures are worth a thousand words. So there is mine! I'm very proud of what the guild was able to do in our first Cata progression run.

I guess you're wanting details, or maybe not, but I'll give them to you anyway.

Our raid composition went something like this:
Tank 1: Druid
Tank 2: Warrior
Healer 1 and 2: Druid
Healer 3: Priest
Melee DPS: Warrior, Death Knight, Druid
Ranged DPS: Mage, Druid

Yes, you are reading correctly. There were 4 (count them again 4) druids in our raid.

We did things a little differently than what I discussed in my post yesterday. But all in all the fight went pretty much the same as everything I had been reading. Instead of having the ranged DPS and healers form a group in the back, we all stacked up with the melee.

Because we were under the understanding that Magmaw would only shoot the flame pillars under the people that were out of his melee range, it made sense to have the casters and healer to group up on the melee. We had our frost DK staying towards the back of the group so the pillars would pop under him and he was then responsible for kiting the adds around until they died.

This strategy worked very well, once we had the kiting under control. When done correctly the kiter did not take much damage at all and allowed the healers to focus on the massive damage going towards the tank.

Don't get me wrong, this was a very healer intensive fight and I was battling with my mana pool the entire time. The saving grace for me was phase 2. Phase 2 did allow me to channel my mana regen abilities. Sadly I did learn that this was just one of those bosses that my shadow fend would NOT attack so he did me no good at all. Thankfully, I found the glory of a little thing called Potion of Concentration. This was a life saver....literally! (Thanks Cart!)

Honestly, now that we've completed the fight, this guy isn't nearly as scary as I had originally expected. Yes, he's hard and it's taxing on everyone in your raid. It requires you to be able to work together and communicate. Thankfully, our guild is good at mechanical fights. We know when to move and don't take it personally if someone yells for us to GTFO of the bad stuff on the ground!

We did get a couple of good attempts in on the second fight but that will be another post for a later time.

Have a wonderful week and happy hunting!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Black Wing Decent - Enter into Hell!

As it stands, today is the first venture into BWD for Whispers of the Fallen. As a guild we are schedule to make our first attempts tonight at 8:00 PM EST.

Every Monday and Wednesday for last 4 weeks or so, we've been running scheduled heroic nights as a guild. We've put together as many groups as we've had people signed up and ran for gear upgrades to prepare us for this fight.

Personally, there are a couple of items I would have liked to have had before going in but otherwise I think I'm as ready as I can be. With buff food, potions, flasks and lots of studying I'll head into the raid tonight as long as they don't choose to sit me.

As I had imaged, the first raid queue filled up with 10 people in less than 60 seconds. Last check, we actually have 15 guild members signed up.

Well, none of that is the point of today's post. Mainly, I'm going to run a break down of the first boss encounter so that I can review the differences between the strategy and the actual event tomorrow.

Based on my research I know the following;
1 - Magmaw is going to nomnom on the tanks faces
2 - Magmaw does not move for the entire fight.
3 - Magmaw is going to shoot pillars of lava from the floor
4 - All ranged need to group up and move according to the lava pillars
5 - Aggro resets after phase 2 ends and before going back to phase 1
6 - Many adds! Deal with them!

Ok, so I know more than that.

During phase 1, the raid will break into 3 groups and resemble something like this:

................Melee DPS........................... TANK!............................

.................Ranged Spot 1.................................Ranged Spot 2.....

As the fight progresses, Magmaw will use an ability that shoots lava pillars out of the ground under the ranged group. When this happens the ranged and all healers need to quickly move to their second designated area. Once the pillar spawns, a wave of Lava Parasites will spawn in the previous spot. The ranged dps has to dps them down before any of them can reach the caster group. This means using push backs, slow abilities or anything that can prevent them from reaching the dps and healers.

The second thing that needs to be handled is Lava Spew. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be avoidable and the healers will have to heal through it. Because it comes shortly after the lava parasites, it's important to kill the adds as quickly as possible.

Lastly, there is Ignition. This will fill half the room with fire that looks like it's coming out of steam vents. Obviously, we move out of this because we're all experienced and responsible raid members that will not stand in bad stuff.

The first phase of this fight seems to be a test of healer mana. There is no enrage timer, as long as there is always someone in the melee range of Magmaw, he will not enrage. So keeping everyone topped off as much as possible is key.

During phase 2, Magmaw is going to cast mangle on the current tank and do massive amounts of damage. In addition he has second ability called Massive Crash. This does exactly what it says, it will do massive damage to the already hurting tank. Again, this has to be healed through. Tanks should have mitigation techniques ready and use them during this part of the fight.

Secondly, during phase two, two of the melee dps will need to use the spikes to jump onto Magmaws head. This will allow Magmaw to remain down for 30 seconds and increase the amount of damage done to him.

During phase two, the only damage being delt should be to the target tank. This is a good time to have your healers pop their regen abilities because it may be the only change they get during this fight.

Last thing to remember is that at the end of phase 2 before the restart of phase 1, Magmaw drops aggro. This will be where the tank switch happens and dps need to allow time for the new tank to gain aggro.

Though this fight seems complex, it appears to be more about endurance and less about complexity. If the healers can make their mana last and the group is aware of what's going on, it should be easily managed.

Well that's about it for me today. We'll see how close, or far off, I was based on my actual experiences tonight!

Good luck and happy hunting everyone!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's Expected of You?

We're comfortably a few weeks into Cataclysm and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've gotten comfortable with healing. Money is flowing in nicely, though starting to wane a little. The guild has reached level 6 (may be 7 by the time I'm writing this). My alch, inscription, herb and mining professions are all maxed out. I'm 2 points away from max tailoring. So yeah, I'm feeling pretty good with where things are going in the new expansion.

What am I not feeling good about? PUGs, of course. I still refuse to PUG a heroic dungeon. I don't doubt my ability to heal but I do doubt my ability to keep up with people that still think they can face roll though the instances.

As I've said in the past..."If you pull like this is Wrath, you're going to die. If you take damage that could be avoided, you will die".

One of my guildies made a comment the other day that is totally going to become my new signature tag line. "Healer mana pools are the new enrage timer".

Honestly guys, this is true. Healers have a very limited mana pool and Blizzard intends to keep it this way. We can't spam heals like we could in Wrath. Casting takes longer, spells cost more mana and we can't regen it fast enough. Remember a dead tank means a dead group. The days of being able to dps tank are gone.

So what can you do to help?
1. Don't stand in the bad stuff. You already know not to do it, so don't. STOP casting and MOVE immediately, don't wait.

2. Avoid all avoidable damage. Move away from stuff falling from the sky, decurse, dispel, cleanse, whatever you have. This doesn't go just for yourself but for the entire party. If you can remove whatever is ticking on the party, do it, you'll save your healer's mana enough to keep the group alive just a few seconds longer. Often times, that few seconds makes all the difference.

3. Crowd control. If you have it, use it. Speak up. Let your tank know if you can sheep, trap, slow, shackle or root that mob and don't forget to keep the CC up until the tank picks up your mob. That mob is your baby and you are responsible for keeping it under control until the tank has control of it. If a mob breaks away from the tank and you can CC it in some way, do it! If you don't that mob will wipe the group if left uncontrolled.

4. Don't pull aggro. Yes, it was no big deal in Wrath. The healer would toss you a couple of heals and you would single target or AoE your mob down before it killed you. You can't do this anymore. For two really good reasons. First, the healer doesn't have the mana to spare on trying to keep you alive. Secondly, those mobs hit a lot harder and it will take a lot less for them to kill you and then move on to the next target...your healer.

5. Buffs...if you have them give them freely. Keep them renewed on the party and reuse them when someone dies. That little bit of int or health or mp5 does wonders for your healer. I am ecstatic when I have a party with both a mage and a paladin. I get int and mp5 and I breath a sigh of relief. Those little buffs will do wonders for my mana pool and mana regen. So remember them. And for you mages out there...your healer will love you for providing them with cupcakes. Have you seen the cost of water these days. Almost 2 gold for a stack of 5 and we have to drink nearly a full 20 stack or more to make it through a heroic. We love you for your lovely cupcakes!

6. Interrupt, interrupt, interrupt! If that boss is casting something and you can stop it, please do. Help the tank mitigate their damage. The less damage they take the more mana the healer will have to toss heals around to the rest of the team when their is AoE damage going around.

7. Range. Keep in mind where your healer is at all times. If you are out of range we have to run to find you and if we don't make it in time, you're going to go splat. Every dps is important in every fight. We need you all! Please don't run away! And if you're in melee range and you're taking damage, move out. Give me a second to get you heals then run back in. It may just save you a repair bill and the group a wipe.

8. Lastly, don't slack. We need the dps, we need the heals, we need the tank. Every member in a 5 man raid counts. We don't have the dps to spare in most fights. The healer doesn't have the mana to spare and the tank can't run around trying to get aggro back from a trigger happy mage. Tanks use your ready check, healers speak up when you need to stop for mana, dps be ready when the tank pulls.

So that's it. That's my advice to all of us. I'm not ready to PUG heroics yet. I'll stick to healing my guild's tanks. I know them, they know me. We work well together and we trust each other. Hopefully in time the PUG members will get the understanding of these concepts and a PUG won't be so painful.

Until, Happy New Year and Happy Hunting. See you on the other side!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

As we've lovingly been deemed by the other raid leader, "Team Ty" has been on a heroic run spree for the past week or so.

We've got a groove, myself healing, Kyn as DPS, our guilds MT and his boomkin girlfriend and a 5th random guild member, normally our favorite mage/Int provider/cupcake maker. The 5 of us together just seem to make a great team. I've learned the tanks quirks, he's learned mine. We know when to pop what cool downs to make sure he stays alive or that I have time to heal the party. We have awesome CC with druid roots and mage sheeps. It just seems to work, you know.

So over the last week, we've successfully ran H-HoO, H-Vortex, H-Deadmines and H-SFK several times with little to no problem. Surprisingly, out of all of those, SFK has to be my favorite instance so far. Not that it really has loot specific to me but because the fights are just plain fun.

Let me pass on what I've learned to any other holy priests out there that may not have attempted to heal this one yet.

Really the first boss is the most difficult. We were able to 2 shot him without much difficulty. Once we understood the concept of the fights, our melee dps had the interrupts down to an art. That's the most important part of this fight. There are a couple abilities that MUST be interrupted no matter what.

First off he puts a debuff on random people called "Pain and Suffering". This needs to be stopped, interrupt or dispell. It inflicts increased shadow damage on the target every 1/2 second for 8 seconds. It should more appropriately be entitled "Pain and Suffering to Your Healer".

Secondly he will cast Asphyxiate on the entire party. This will drop everyone's health to 1. Immediately following this he will start to cast "Stay of Execution" to heal himself and the party back to full. While it's nice of him to heal our health back up, we don't want him to also heal himself. So when he starts to cast this you want to have someone interrupt after 2 ticks of the spell. Why not immediately you may ask? Because those two ticks, as well as the healers AoE heals are enough to heal the party back high enough to withstand the next phase of damage without draining their mana pool. Be sure you let him get off 2 ticks of this cast before you have your melee interrupt him.

Last thing to really worry about comes at about 20% health. He will use Calamity. This inflicts massive amounts of damage on the entire party every 1 second until he is dead. The fight now becomes a DPS race against the healers mana pool and cast times. Pop your cooldowns, cast speed boosts, whatever you've got and burn him down ASAP!

Now, my advise to healers is simple. If you're a holy priest have your Chakra ready to use Holy Word: Sanctuary when he drops everyone's health to 1. This combined with a cast of Circle of Healing or Prayer of Healing will bring your entire party up above 30K health. It's not necessary or recommended to try to heal everyone back to full. It does not matter how much health they have, the next time he casts Asphyxiate, it will drop to 1. You only want to make sure your party has enough health to withstand any party damage/tank damage they take before then.

It is important however to watch the health of the boss. You want to have everyone as close to full as possible before he hits 20%. Use whatever cool downs you have and try to keep your highest dps and the tank alive long enough to kill him. Accepting that you will probably loose a person or two during the last 20% will take a load of stress off of you. I personally sacrificed myself, since I had Spirit of Redemption and knew that the unlimited mana use I had for 15 seconds would be enough to let me spam heals on all the dps and the tank while they killed him.

With all of that being said, the rest of the instance so extremely easy on a priest. There are lots of undead mobs so you are useful to shackle as well as heal. Compared to most of the other instances, this was unbelievably easy.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and Happy Hunting!

Monday, December 20, 2010



Yep, that's what I have to say on that topic.

Kyn got the last couple of points needed to be able to do heroics this past weekend. So we settle in Sunday afternoon, the first chance we really got to play, for some quality WoW and movie time.

We had planned to pop in the old Indiana Jones movies and finish up the quests in Uldum. For some odd reason, doing the Harrison Jones quests made us want to watch the old movies.

Well about 45 minutes into Temple of Doom we get asked to come along for some heroic runs with a couple of guildies. Yeah, that sounds like fun. We like this couple and the other guy that's going along. It's an all guild run, I know the tank, shouldn't be too hard, right?

WRONG! We queue up random and get heroic Grim Bartol. Really...first heroic and that's what we get? That's like Halls of Reflection on crack. Even on normal that instance isn't the easiest place to heal.

In we go. Happily running along, killing trash, casually chatting up on vent. It's already very obvious that the tank is getting hit a hell of a lot harder than when we ran this place on normal. We even have 2 druids along so two sets of roots for CC. About 3 pulls into the run, just after the dragon fly over, I'm in panic mode. The tank and the party are happily chatting away in vent about old ICC memories while I'm watching the tank's heal dropping, very quickly. Then we loose a dps. It's at this point that I begin to think I may be in over my head.

We somehow manage to make it to the first boss which promptly leads to a wipe.

"Apparently we need to run away from the blitz and somebody get those damn troggs away from the boss!"

"Oh wait, not on me...fade, fade, run to the tank...we're dead."

Lets try again. Wipe number two.

Third time's a charm right? Wipe number 3.

Last time..."shew, we made it. Not so bad, we got this under control! We're awesome!"

Kill the trash, off to boss number two.

No big deal, stay out of the falling rocks, avoid the crap on the ground....oh shit! FIRE shield! DEAD. Wipe one, wipe two, wipe three....what the hell is wrong with this Forgemaster?!?! The boomkin offers to go resto and help heal and he finally goes down.


Next..and I cringe. This boss doesn't seem so impossible. He's going to blow fire at the tank and the incoming fire elemental have to be killed. We should be able to do this.

Wipe, one, two, three, four, five. What do you mean we've been in the same heroic for 2 1/2 hours? 5 man raiding? No kidding, this is crazy. Massive Wrath type damage being thrown around to all the party, there is no way my mana can keep up with this. No Greater Heal, of course not, Blizzard made the spell cost 5 times the mana it use to. Heal, Heal, Heal...chakra, renew, prayer of mending, holy word sanctuary. The party is taking way too much freaking damage. I'm done. We're beating our head against the wall.

Give me a break! What the hell do you want Blizzard. Triage, isn't that the term you used? Well let me give a little insight. The party can't survive without the tank, the tank can't survive without the healer and the boss will enrage and the healer will run out of mana without the DPS to kill him. That's how this damn boss works. So who do you want me to keep alive? The tank? Myself? Let the DPS die? I can't do that, we can't down the boss with only myself and the tank alive. Not this time.

I know that this is a higher end heroic. I know that we have 3 of the 5 people in average 330ish item level gear. BUT...heroics are suppose to be possible at that level. Just this once, I'm going to QQ and say Blizzard, Drahga Shadowburner may need to be nerfed...just a freaking little.

I'm not the type to complain about things being a little difficult. I don't yell and throw a fit when Blizzard changes things. I was a child of BC. I understand the need for CC and mana conservation. I understand, accept and embrace heroics taking more than 20 minutes to clear and needing more than AoE to kill stuff. I get all this and I agree. But this guy...I really think, they went a little overboard on.

We didn't finish that heroic. We ended up taking a 20 minute break and coming back to complete Halls of Origination. There were some tight spots. I lost a dps or two to bad timing. I think we wiped three....maybe four times. But we completed it.

Grim Bartol has become my new H:MgT. I will avoid it like the plague.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Heroic Ready

Well, Blizzard says I'm heroic ready. My average item level hit 329 last night simply by picking up my tier helm and switching out my neck for the one offered from Earthen Ring at revered.

Not sure I think I am ready. After some of the nightmares I have heard from our guildies (specifically the tanks and healers) I am not sure I'll ever be ready for PUG healing in Cata.

I remember when the LFG tool was introduced back in Wrath how excited I was about being able to randomly queue for heroics and not having to wait for people I knew to be on line. However, I also remember how stressed I got when I realized just how bad they could really be.

The good news...I do have guildies that I will be able to run with.

Now to get Kyn those last 5 points...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

With New Joy Comes New Heartache

We're a little over a week into Cataclysm and now that the leveling fun is over my excitement is slowly being replaced by anxiety.

Let me start by saying that I really do love my guild and I enjoy the people in it. I've had a great time running instances and hanging out in vent with them over the last few nights. It's a sense of belonging, of fitting in. To most that will sound silly, especially since it's just a game right? But simply remember I am a girl after all and we do stress over things that don't matter to most of you guys.

With that being said my guild is also bringing on a sense of stress.

When Cata released I had no outlined plan of how I was going to spend my time. I wanted to make sure I kept up with the guild and their leveling progression as much as I could. I had enjoyed being there for most of the progression through ICC and don't want to loose my place with them in the new content.

Now, I'm starting to feel the panic.

Our raid leaders have placed a "Heroic Roll Call" on the raid forums. As of this morning there are 7 names on that list. One of which is not mine. The guild message of the day when I logged in last night announced the plan to start heroic gear runs during raid times beginning next week. My priest is still not heroic ready. Thus produces panic attack one and two.

With the new expansion thus comes new players. Over the last couple of nights we have welcomed several new members into our ranks. This is wonderful for the guild. New people breath new life into the guild. But it also brings about panic number 3. New people also bring new bodies wanting to raid.

Again, most of you probably aren't seeing my panic in this yet. Let me give you a little background info.

When I first joined my current guild they had a pretty strong, pretty tight raiding team. Though Kyn and I were able to attend a few raids with them, there wasn't much room in the group at the time. The current raiders had been progressing and working together long before we came around. As people started to take extended breaks from the game, Kyn and I were still going strong. This opened up a few spots for us to slide into. We started raiding with the people that were still around, making friends and enjoying being part of the group.

Now I start to worry. You see, we have a very open raid sign up policy. 24 hours before the scheduled raid the queue opens up on our website and you sign up. First 10 people to sign up are the first 10 people invited to go. Based on need of course.

With the release of new content and new members, I have a feeling that queue is going to fill up very quickly. Even towards the end of Wrath, we were seeing the queue go from empty to full in less than a couple of minutes. Everyone wanted to be there for Lich King. There are only so many spots in a 10 man raid group and we're looking at more than 10 people wanting those spots already.

Thus is the cause of stress in my game. Be it a valid concern or not, it's still a concern for me none the less.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pre-Raid Gearing for a Holy Priest

Kalyanna dinged 85 last night after a couple of enjoyable instance runs with my guildies. Yay! Have I mentioned that I love my guild? I've been having a blast with them since the expansion released. Running instances, hanging out on's all been great! But that's not the point of this post.

Now it's time to start thinking about her gear and stats and gems and enchants, oh my! Everyone that knows me, knows that I'm not really the kind of person that goes into a panic over my gear. But since she is going to be healing raids for our guild, and we don't have a lot of healers to rely on, I think it's time I at least get an idea of what gear and stuff she needs from where.

First off, let's talk about my personal stat priority. Keep in mind this is my preference based on what I know so far. For me, the stats go something like this: Int -> Spirit -> Haste -> Mastery

I need Int for spell power and a larger mana pool. I need spirit to regen that mana and Haste in order to decrease my cast time. So all that makes sense to me. Then there is the gear to get those stats.

Everyone already knows you need to be at 329 to get into the heroics. And that it's pretty much just some lucky drops from instances and some rep items. I won't spend time going into that. Kaly's already at 326, so it's just a matter of getting those last 3 points.

Instead, let's take a look at what gear she can get and where it comes from. This is a list based on the stats that I prefer. Some of this gear has Crit on it and for those items I'd reforge for either Haste or Mastery.

HEROIC Instances:
Neck: Amulet of Tender Breath - Vortex Pinnacle
Shoulder: Mantle of Loss - SFK
Back: Solar Wind Cloak - Halls of Origination
Robe: Anraphet's Regalia - Halls of Origination
Wrist: Baron Ashbury's Cuffs - SFK
Hands: Dolomite Adorned Gloves - Stonecore
Boots: Hekatic Slippers - Halls of Origination
Ring: Veneficial Band - Lost City of the Tol'vir
Ring: Kibble - Blackrock Caverns
Trinket: Tear of Blood - Stonecore
Trinket: Witching Hourglass - Blackrock Caverns
Weapon: Scepter of Power - Halls of Origination
Off-Hand: Prophet's Scepter - Stonecore
Wand: Wand of Untainted Power - Grim Batol

If you prefer a staff or can't get the weapon and off hand to drop:
Staff: Soul Releaser - Halls of Origination

Head: Mask of New Snow - 2200
Waist: Belt of the Falling Rain - 1650
Legs: Leggings of Charity - 2200

Cord of Raven Queen - Hyjal Exalted
Shimmering Morningstar - Tol Barad Revered
Mandala of Stirring Patterns - Tol Barad Exalted

The last thing I'll talk about is the enchants and the gems. Most of this is common knowledge and everyone will enchant and gem differently based on their preference. I also have the advantage of being a scribe but for this purpose I'll leave those benefits out.

Head: Arcanum of Hyjal - Guardians of Hyjal Revered
Shoulder: Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone - Therazane Exalted
Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent
Boots: Enchant Boots - Haste
Legs: Powerful Ghostly Spellthread
Bracer: Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Spirit
Chest: Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats
Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect
Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Haste
Off hand: Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect

META: Ember Shadowspirit Diamond
RED: Brilliant Inferno Ruby
BLUE: Sparkling Ocean Sapphire
YELLOW: Quick Amberjewel
PURPLE: Purified Demonseye
ORANGE: Reckless Ember Topaz
GREEN: Zen Dream Emerald

So, that's it! Looks like I've got my work cut out for me. Hope you find a little bit of useful information somewhere in here as well.

Until next time!

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