Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BWD In Review

Well, they say pictures are worth a thousand words. So there is mine! I'm very proud of what the guild was able to do in our first Cata progression run.

I guess you're wanting details, or maybe not, but I'll give them to you anyway.

Our raid composition went something like this:
Tank 1: Druid
Tank 2: Warrior
Healer 1 and 2: Druid
Healer 3: Priest
Melee DPS: Warrior, Death Knight, Druid
Ranged DPS: Mage, Druid

Yes, you are reading correctly. There were 4 (count them again 4) druids in our raid.

We did things a little differently than what I discussed in my post yesterday. But all in all the fight went pretty much the same as everything I had been reading. Instead of having the ranged DPS and healers form a group in the back, we all stacked up with the melee.

Because we were under the understanding that Magmaw would only shoot the flame pillars under the people that were out of his melee range, it made sense to have the casters and healer to group up on the melee. We had our frost DK staying towards the back of the group so the pillars would pop under him and he was then responsible for kiting the adds around until they died.

This strategy worked very well, once we had the kiting under control. When done correctly the kiter did not take much damage at all and allowed the healers to focus on the massive damage going towards the tank.

Don't get me wrong, this was a very healer intensive fight and I was battling with my mana pool the entire time. The saving grace for me was phase 2. Phase 2 did allow me to channel my mana regen abilities. Sadly I did learn that this was just one of those bosses that my shadow fend would NOT attack so he did me no good at all. Thankfully, I found the glory of a little thing called Potion of Concentration. This was a life saver....literally! (Thanks Cart!)

Honestly, now that we've completed the fight, this guy isn't nearly as scary as I had originally expected. Yes, he's hard and it's taxing on everyone in your raid. It requires you to be able to work together and communicate. Thankfully, our guild is good at mechanical fights. We know when to move and don't take it personally if someone yells for us to GTFO of the bad stuff on the ground!

We did get a couple of good attempts in on the second fight but that will be another post for a later time.

Have a wonderful week and happy hunting!


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