Monday, February 1, 2010

I can has Shaman halp?!?

Seriously, is there no good blogs, websites, etc that can help this horrid shaman?

I believe this is the same problem I ran into when I was "trying" to play my shaman as elemental in BC, there is no helpful websites out there.

I needs gear! Just basic crafted or bought or normal 80 instance gear that will at least get Blizzard to "allow" me into heroics. Grrrrr

But for a noob shaman player, that has no idea what stats you need cause I've never done anything besides farm on her..that's not easily found.

So, my wonderful web friends...any suggestions on good Shaman help websites?


Kara said...

I have no idea on blogs. Big Hit Box would be great for enhancement.

If you want to take a look at spec/stats/gear there are several great shaman in our guild - Just look for the toons in Wrath and Retribution on ThoBro

Iris - Resto
Vorastrix - Elemental
Zannt - Enhancement

Anonymous said...

Occasionally I look in on The Shaman Tavern

and Totem Talk seems like a pretty good place and has some nice guides

I won't post links just because I dont always like to click random links myself and Google knows all :)


Anonymous said...

Mostly resto with a little elemental. I don't play enhancement so not sure of a good source for that spec.

april said...

I just found this blog, and I kind of love it:

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