Monday, July 14, 2008

Last Call - A New Beginning

Wow, who would have thought that LC would grow as quickly as it has? We opened LC less than 4 months ago with the hopes of forming a group of friends together with common goals and look where we are now. Nearly 60 members and going strong. I can't believe we have as many active, fun, caring and dedicate people as we do. It's nice to see that we all share the same common ideas - Keep the game fun and keep the drama out! All of our founding members are still there and we've formed strong bonds between us all. All of us with histories together going back much further than our starting days in previous guilds. It's funny to think back to the days when it was normal to log on and only find 1 or 2 other people online. It's seems nothing unusual now to log on and find 10 - 15 people! We have welcomed many new and great people into the mix over the last few weeks. Each one bringing something new to the group and bringing us one step closer to being where we all want to go.

Seems we are trying new things all the time. We are a brave group of adventures to say the least. Charging boldly into Azshara, on one very late Friday night, came 16 eager (if not crazy) individuals, ranging in level from 40 - 70, prepared to down Azurego the Dragon. Some wanting to relive the memory of days gone by, others wanting to experience the adventures that were pre-BC. After a many jokes, some crazy vent talking and a few naked gnome dances we put ourselves to work and eventually downed that evil beast. Some adventurers walked away with nice prizes to show for the victory, the rest of us content with smile and lots of fond memories. The photos of our victory now showing on the gallery page!

We finally have our first Kara run scheduled! This is exciting for us all to be raiding as a group instead of in our own individual pugs. I'll update soon with the outcome of this well anticipated event! Happy hunting to all my guildies and keep up the good work!!


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