Monday, July 28, 2008

Last Call - Wow, we did what?

Wow, what a weekend!

Our first Kara run went even better than I could have hoped. It started off a little rough. Due to some real life events we were down an off tank and two dps classes before we even got in the door. However, with a little luck and some great PUGs, we were able to get started. In total we had;
Kynthia - Cute little angry gnome did well with watching her aggro!
Jun - The amazing healing tree
Doompallyz - Our main tank and wonderful tour guide for the evening!
Carnifreak - poor guy had to listen to Kyn whine because he was out dpsing her!
Serennya - the Undergeared wonder!
Kuriuss - Boomkin!! yay
Kalyanna - "you want me to shackle what?" ::Kalyanna dies:: "oh, that one, oops"
Imoza - PUG mage
Whiteeagle - PUG hunter who is now a wonderful new guild member and apparently everyones favorite to pick on!
Judicae - PUG Pally (OT)

With the lack of CC we were pretty certain we would only get a couple bosses in and would have to give up. To our surprise, we got as far as downing Curator!! That was a major accomplishment for us as a group. The better news? We probably could have gone further if we had more time. Due to the late hour and people falling asleep we decided to stop there.

I am very excited and extremely proud of all our guildies for working so hard to get ready for this event. Hopefully, the interest will continue to show and we can get on a normal raiding schedule in the next week or so. There were some wonderful drops during our Kara run, and I'm not just saying that because they were mainly healer drops either! I did by some lucky rolls end up with some great gear.

All in all, this night was great, a ton of fun and I can't wait to do it all again! Hopefully, we'll have some more people available and make a full guild run next time!!



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