Monday, August 4, 2008

Last Call - New Members/Wolf Nightmare

Well it's another week down and yet another trip to Kara.

I think each time we walk in that place we come out with a new member or two. Line up for this trip:
Doompallyz - Again our MT and tour guide for Friday night
Gaulder - our tank in training
Kalyanna - "yay, no shackles for me this week!"
Darkmoonn - my new evil twin! "Yes Dark, nipple is your target"
Shaniquah - "you have REAL girls?" (newest LC member!)
Reyfantasma/Whiteeagle - No Ben, dying is not hawt! and keep your bird out of my face! Imerald - Shadow priests should NOT do that much damage!
Serennya - Let’s try NOT to pull the audience next time!
Somebody somebody - Ok so I can't remember them all without screen shots!!

So, exactly how many times did we attempt to down that damn wolf? Who knows I lost track after the second or third try. I honestly think we had more fun laughing at this even then we did the entire night. We were able to finally down the stupid thing on Saturday night. We lost a couple of people for the continuation run but picked up Shurt, Kuriuss, Sedge and Rav. Maybe they were the good luck charms that got us through that fight. Saturday night we did make it to Curator but were not able to down him this time. Guess we were missing Kyn's amazing ability to kill the sparks. Oh well.

We have picked up some great new members, welcome to Shaniquah and Vezz, we are glad to have you both!! That brings out total member count over 80!! Wow, that's worth celebrating!! So glad to see that Sedge is back. Hopefully, this weekend we can get a full guild run of Kara! I'd love to actually say we down a few bosses after Curator!!

So, it seems we are seeing a little interest from some members wanting to do Molten Core. Think we'll try adding this to the calendar and see how many takers we have on this one. It would allow for some of our up and coming members get into a few more guild events!

I am totally amazed at how much fun this group has together. Vent has to be one of the funniest places to be. Listening to all these guys definantly makes raiding and dailies and questing much more interesting!! Well, until next time, happy hunting guys!!



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