Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Call - Oops we did it again!

Full Kara clear, including Nightbane and Netherspite. That is an accomplishment. Congratulations guys.

ZA? Well, not so well. We started the run almost 2 hours later than scheduled. Once we finally got inside, we had no problem with the trash pulls but wiped several times on the first boss. Ythane has been doing his research and is coming up with a plan that may help us on the next run. Speaking of which, ZA is scheduled again for Sunday afternoon. This seems to be a good day for this run and we will try to keep it up as long as their is interest.

We have less than 2 weeks till the xpac releases!! Yay. I offically joined the ranks of the addicted and pre-purchased my copy and plan to be at the midnight release to pick it up. This means I can get the game, install it and start is downloading the millions of updates while I sleep. We all know it's going to take hours to even be able to log in. So I guess for those of us installing at midnight, we'll be sitting in vent to keep each other company? I know Kyn is picking up at midnight (a full hour behind me, might I add), anyone else planning to have the game that night? We may as well make a party out of it!!

Not much else new to report in the LC world. Grats again to those in Kara last week and those who attempted ZA with us on Sunday. Any brave souls wanting to come back again, we'll see you next weekend!!!

Happy Hunting!


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