Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Call - Announcements, Meetings

Congratulations guys, on downing the first 3 bosses in ZA!

It was a rocky start and a pretty rocky ending but all in all, you guys worked great together. It's amazing how much we've improved, how hard people have worked to gear and get better. I am truly impressed!!

I know things have been pretty crazy lately, a little hectic to say the least. The xpac coming out in less that 3 days. That alone has caused everyone to push, trying to get in those last few badges, that last little rep, etc. There are going to be a few changes, actually have to be a few changes, not only for my sanity but also for the sanity of other people in the guild. We will be scheduling an officers meeting for Tues night to make a couple of announcements and slight changes.

I think it has come time for me to offically put Kalyanna on retirement from healing. I'm hitting a point of burnout very quickly. Find myself becoming frustrated and no longer enjoying the game with her. Don't get me wrong, I am willing to pull her into instances in the new xpac when needed and I will level her to 80. I just simply can't keep going on the path I have been. I think this is also playing true for a paticular prot pally in our guild as well...but when and if that announcement needs to be made, it will be at a later time.

Again, Congrats and Happy Hunting!
<3 Kaly


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