Monday, November 17, 2008

Last Call - Shiny Happy Guildies!

So..the xpac came out last week and minus a handful of members, looks like everyone is now exploring this new frozen tundra. Well, most everyone. I am still, as most of you know, holding off on going to the new area, until after I get my lock to the right level.

The expansion has breathed new life into the guild. Our nightly population is back up where it once was. Even though you may be waiting 10 - 20 minutes to get logged into the server!! I attempted to log on Saturday night and was 234th in queue, with a 12 minute wait!! That's a little nuts if you ask me. I installed at 12:13 and was online logged in on the night of release by 12:45. One of the first people on the ship headed over, followed closely by Thor, Flirt and Gaulder! Yay, us!! Ok, so that's not much of an accomplishment..probably means we just don't have much of a life!

We did do Kara on Friday night, though it appears our trek into BC raid areas are giong to slowly start decreasing. With all the new content, people just aren't as interested in returning to dusty, lonely lands of Kara and ZA. I do hope that we can manage to get these in, at least, a few more times before they total become deserted. Its in these raids that we really come together as a guild. That we learn to work together towards a common goal and we have fun doing it. It allows more members to be able to do things at the same time vrs the normal 5 man instances.

Congratulations to all our members on their leveling progress and to our now GROWING population of DeathKnights!! It's good to see people excited again. I can't wait to get us all into some new content and back on track to having fun together. Don't forget to recruit, we are still in need of tanks!

The Christmas season is quickly approaching. If anyone is interested or has any ideas for something the guild can do together, let me know!!

Happy Hunting!!
<3 Kaly


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