Thursday, August 20, 2009


Talk about feeling useless.

Ran my first Ulduar 10 raid with the guild last night. It was..horrible. I don't think I can find a word strong enough to express how bad it really was. I spent the entire 3 hours, so totally confused, upset and lost. It's probably the only time I've played the game and felt like I honestly..did not belong there. Felt like more of a hindrance then anything else. Felt like I was being carried. Which I probably was. I spent a large amount of the raid dead. I wasn't ready for that, I'm not sure I will ever be ready for that. Just when I thought I had found a niche that I was kinda good at...that group proves me so totally wrong. I wish I could blame it on something simple, such as my gear...but I can't, my gear isn't bad. I could blame it on my spec...demonology locks aren't known to push out high dps numbers but they are sure as hell known to push higher then the 2000 average dps I was doing. Seriously, a lock geared as well as I am and I can't pull anything more then that. But oh, it's ok...I'm offering a raid buff...yeah right. I'm suppose to be....even that wasn't popping like it was suppose to. My normal 90ish percent up time on demon probably wasn't even up 40% of the time last night.

I can't say I enjoyed any part of that raid. Well maybe, I understand and enjoy the Flame Leviathan fight. But, hell, who wouldn't? Your DPS doesn't matter there, your damage comes from a vehicle you control, not your own build. Ride around on a bike and drop oil slicks on the ground. How freaking hard is that? Any idiot can manage that.

Ignis - Dead
Dragon - Dead
XT - Dead
Rock guy - Dead
Robot guy - Dead (twice) within the first 20 seconds of the fight.
Cat Lady - I lived through that one
Used - 2 battle rez

Tell me I was doing anything but taking up space....*sigh*


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