Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Looks like Eto's account got hacked last night.

He got the notification this morning that his password has been changed while he was asleep. Attempted to log onto WoW and it gave him the invalid password message. After some checking on the Armory and from my toons. All of his toons are naked, with the exception of Etolani, on the Armory and both the Last Call guild bank and the Faded Delusions guild bank have been wiped clean.

We pay Blizzard some ungodly amount of money and they can't have 24 hour support? Seriously! He has to wait until 8AM PST to get phone support. With all the money they make you'd think there would be emergency support for stuff like this!!


So question becomes, does anyone know if he will get his personal bank contents back when Blizzard fixes it? Or does he only get his toons restored?


Askevar said...

He should get everything restored and likely mailed to him.

It does suck. I've seen it happen to many a guildie.

tdleitch said...

I sure hope so, he's very upset. I almost wish it had happened to me instead of him. His faith in Blizzard is pretty low now.

Askevar said...

well I've seen the basics of an account returned in a couple of days with a full restore in a week or so... depends on how much they have to go through I think.

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