Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Memories from so long ago....

Well, I took Kalyanna (priest) into Naxx10 last night. It brought back a lot of memories I wasn't expecting to face again.

The raid went well. After I finally figure out my buttons, healbot and how to conserve mana. That took only about the first half of the first wing.

We started with Plague Quarter. It was suppose to be a "fun run" with the guild. It started about 30 minutes late and consisted of a few normal raiders and ton of alts. So no one was taking anything too seriously.

The first pull resulted in two deaths and a Gargoyle that wouldn't die. Lots of laughs were had by all.

We got to Heigan, as everyone knows, my favorite Naxx boss. But there was a catch to this fight. The raid leader had brought a ton of "drinks" for everyone and the point of the fight was to try to finish it completely smashed (in game of course). So we all drink the stuff, attempting to do the fight through blurry screens and messed up directional movements.

It doesn't go so well. All the melee dps (which we were very heavy in) died before the first teleport. The healers and one dps quickly follow suit and find themselves face first kissing the floor before we finish the first round of dancing. Release and run back to your body, buff up and drink again. We manage to down him the second time. Still loosing a few people along the way but Heigan goes down to a drunk raid none the less.

I managed to pick up a couple upgrades along the way. Due to the late start and the "fun" everyone was having we only cleared Plague, Spider and Military before it got too late and people had to call it a night.

Good time and good company. It got the guild back together as a group which is an improvement over the raiding they have attempted to do through September and October. They have 2 more raid night scheduled this week and hopefully the turn out for those work out as well.

I had forgotten how much I loved my priest. Healing is much more stressful then tanking or DPS but still, it's something I did for so long and quickly fell back into the routine I was so familiar with. Sometimes, dusting off and old toon is like finding an old friend.

I won't be making either of the other two Fallen raids this week but I am scheduled to tank Ulduar tonight for the Pug raid group Horde side. I'm pretty excited about this one. I've done Flame Leviathan before. That's how I ended up tanking with Ironsoul. But that's as far into Ulduar as I've taken my DK. We'll see how it goes tonight but I have high hopes of at least seeing a couple bosses down.

Now if I can just get use to the late nights and early mornings, we'll be doing good!


blitzenslayn said...

"Now if I can just get use to the late nights and early mornings, we'll be doing good!"... ugh you said it.

Talk about dragging today. And it wasn't a day that dragging was an option. Maybe with enough caffeine, I'll be able to handle these later raids.

Course all I've had today was half a cup of coffee that I drank before going into work this morning. *sighs* Unhappy panda.

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