Thursday, November 5, 2009

UPDATE: Hacked!

Well, Eto now has access to his account. As of last night, he had gotten his password changed and could log in.

The state of affairs is rather sad:
Etolani - Toon has his full healing set (which he was wearing last time he was played) All bank contents and bags were emptied and the toon was used for something, and left logged out in he middle of a random zone. We think, since he is a maxed level miner, that they were using him to do the underground mining. Why they didn't strip him of his healing set, I'm not sure, but we were thankful since it did allow him to at least be able to do dailies for some gold.

Ythane - Hacker was attempting to transfer the toon to another server, Blizzard was able to reverse it before it completed. His bags and bank were full of a few missing items from the guild and a TON of PvP gems and other PvP items. Sadly, he was not holding any of the gold that I assumed he would be. My thoughts were they were using him as the pack mule to get the gold
to another server. Since the transfer didn't make it through I was hopeful that he'd still have some of the stuff on him. But my curiosity is peaked as to why he was carrying so much PvP stuff since we checked the AH and most of it didn't appear to sell too well. Interesting indeed. Wonder what his final destination was suppose to be.

Rhatid, Deadkyn, Kynthia, Vessanna - All toons were stripped, left wearing any gear that couldn't be sold, mainly their PvP gear and tabards. Their bank and personal bags were stripped and sold as well. Kynthia attended the mandatory guild meeting last night in her PvP robes and no shoes, it was very sad.

Papagnome (banktoon) - Currently MIA. We assume this toon, as well as another level 1
name holder toon, had been deleted. Eto made a plea to Blizzard last night to get his bank toon back, since he was pretty fond of the name Papagnome.

Other Toons - None of his other toons, on any other server, had been touched. He had a couple of toons left on Bronzebeard. Mainly his level 71 Druid and a bank toon. These two were not touched. As I'm sure they weren't worth the hackers time since they didn't have anything worth much in their possession.

He did spend some time last night speaking with an in-game GM and was assured it had been escalated to a specialist for restoration. Normally, they advised, it takes between 3 - 5 days for a complete restore and all items, including guild bank items taken, can be restored. They will also investigate any missing characters so there is a chance he can have Papagnome back. Hearing this seemed to put him in a slightly better mood. I think with the addition of the authenticators we purchased yesterday, he may continue to play afterall.

Thanks for all the advice and support from here and the WoW_Ladies forum on livejournal. I do appreciate you all!

Oh - And welcome aboard Askver. We were so glad to meet you in game last night. Hope your raid went well and that we'll see you around occasionally!


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