Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Progerssion? and Alt News

Friday night proved to be pretty interesting and a very LATE night. I'm not sure if I would consider it progression or not but the night started off pretty well. Did the daily heroic, another (successful timed) run on CoS and picked up a baby lockling along the way.

He seems pretty new to the game but hit my heart when he proudly brought his Felguard into the instance. nother 80 Demonology lock. It's a rarity for sure. His gear wasn't too bad. Mostly PvP gear. Our daily heroic run was his first heroic since hitting 80. He needed a little guidance and help understanding hit cap for a caster but otherwise a pretty nice guy.

We ended up bringing him along for a pug Naxx run. I have a soft spot in my heart for any demonology locks. What can I say. We created a global chat channel to explain the fights to him, since he had never been in a raid before either. Sadly we only made it through 2 wings.

I was MT and there was a lowbie Paladin running as OT. Wiped on the first boss in the Spider wing when I died early on. I'm not sure the healer was paying much attention to me. The raid was taking a lot of damage from the crypt keepers before the Paladin would pick them up. So that had the healers pretty occupied. We didn't have as much trouble the second go around and the rest of the wing went pretty well.

Plague quarter on the other hand, cause us another wipe on the gargoyle. My mistake since I ran to the next group while I still had the debuff on me. Mental note, regardless of how fast the raid leader is pushing you....watch yourself for debuffs before pulling the next group.

There were several problems with the Plague quarter. First one came with the gargoyle. The second problem came with a 26 minute Heigan fight. Yes, TWENTY-SIX minutes. First round of dancing caused us to loose everyone in the raid, except for me, Eto and another healer. So needless to say, I was nodding off by the time he finally went down. Sheesh...what a long fight. I know dancing is hard but wow, I didn't think we'd loose the entire DPS line up.

Last issue, our OT went AFK during the 26 minute Heigan fight and didn't come back. So I tanked the last boss in the quarter with no OT. Normally, this isn't a fight that requires an OT. However, when no one is killing the spores before they get to me and they are getting caught in the AoE, it causes the Tank to drop down the aggro meter. Luckily, we survived this fight and called it a night.

Not sure any of that was progression, since I've done those two wings before, but it was some raid experience. The guy leading the raid was an ass, surprise, surprise. I was so tired of hearing "go, go", "lets move", "pull!" that I could have screamed! I know you want to get through as much as you can but give me a break, I need to wait for debuffs to drop and for the healers to get mana before I pull the next group!

My post to the Shadow Council forums did produce us one interested lead on forming a weekly raid group. We'll see Friday night at the "test" Ony run how that's going to work out. We've been looking for a weekly non-guilded raid group. I know Alliance side has a group called "Positive Push" that meets up on a weekly basis for progression raid runs. This group has members from various guilds and is dedicated to teaching new raiders and getting them ready for their guilds progression level. I haven't found anything Horde side that offers this type of environment. We'll see what we think on Friday.

On the Alt front....
I was out sick yesterday (some kind of nasty stomach bug) and since any excessive movement was made it worse and I couldn't really sleep any longer, it turned into a WoW day.

My, now level 72 Shaman, dropped her Jewelcrafting and power leveled Tailoring from 1 - 400 yesterday. I did most of the cloth farming on my DK. Eto had a crap-ton of rune cloth from his rep grinding in Sithilis and I bought a lot of mageweave from the AH. Sadly, her Jewelcrafting was at 435 when I dropped it but I couldn't find any reason to have 2 JC'ers of the same faction on the same server.


Askevar said...

My retired, former main is a demonology warlock. WotLK changed her too much for me to continue raiding with her, sadly, but I love to see demon locks, rare as they may be

tdleitch said...

Demonology warlocks will always hold a special place in my heart. I love my Zili (Felguard) too much to allow her to be anything else! Glad to meet more that feel the same.

Maybe some day Blizzard will allow us to be adequate competition in the raiding field again!

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