Monday, January 18, 2010

Bitter Sweet

That's how I would describe my weekend.

It was a relaxing, fun, laid back, enjoyable weekend spent (after some much needed away from wow time) doing heroics and farming FoS and PoS on my priest with Eto's druid. It was laughing, joking, teasing and playing with no real stress or purpose other then to have a good time. Guild was chatty, a couple new members joined us, just all in all a good time.

The bitter part? Well, the drama that unfolded Friday night. Of all things, loot drama?!? Seriously? In our tiny little guild of members we all thought were playing for the same reasons and with the same goals in mind?

Yes, the minor loot drama unfolded.

So here is how the story went, in short. Our normal raid night, of course fell short because of the MIA dps that we are now working to replace. So instead of the much anticipated attempt at ToC10 we opted to do the new ICC5 on heroic. Mainly because there are still weapons in there that a couple of our people can use and I'm always trying to get that dang hilt to drop.

So off we go. It's a casual, relaxed environment. Everyone is joking and having a good time. Even though we wipe a few times (or a dozen times, hehe) while one of our newer healers is learning to heal me through H-PoS. We laugh it off and finally down Lord Tyransus. Low and behold, he drops the 2 handed axe that every warrior and their brother wants these days.

Now here is where the drama unfolds. We have in group, our dps warrior in his main spec and our prot warrior in his off spec dps. The axe is a huge upgrade for both of them. The dps warrior rolls need and the prot warrior asks if he can roll for his off spec. I'm shocked. Not so much that it's an upgrade but because he's wanting to roll against a main spec guild member who can and would be using the weapon on a daily basis.

Now,I had already passed, though I could have used it for my dps set and simply said in party. "Roll if you'd like but keep in mind that's a HUGE upgrade for his main spec" and to this he replies "yeah but it's a HUGE upgrade for my off spec >.>". Ummmmm? Did I hear right?

We all wait, and eventually the prot warrior (our OT in raids) passes on the axe, congratulates our dps warrior and logs off shortly there after. We all hope that no drama is going to unfold from this event, but I'm not feeling very hopeful.

Sure enough, a day later on our website forums, a thread appears from the prot warrior complaining about how he was asked to pass on a "HUGE upgrade for his DPS". His main argument, he runs most of his random instances as DPS because he doesn't like to tank for the pugs.

Now I understand not wanting to tank for pugs but was still shocked that we were having this discussion. When our group was formed, we had our loot rules posted. Everything is need before greed, main spec before off spec. So I have not understood the purpose behind the drama, especially when it won't be the last time we run H-PoS, I'm sure.

*sigh* So this may have cost us a tank...either in the form of a rage raid quit or because he will choose to go dps. Going dps is fine, I totally support whatever spec our members decide to play but raid drama, loot drama...blah!

I responded diplomatically. Explaining the mains before off spec idea. That doing this allows for the raid group to progress at an even level, etc. Still have no response nor have seen our OT in game since.

Now we wait...what a bitter-sweet weekend.


Askevar said...

Well I was going to server xfer my nelf prot warrior... but since you had warriors wasn't goind to faction change him... might consider it now shrug. Now to finish leveling him... Warriors are a pain to level.

tdleitch said...

haha, I've heard a lot of people say warriors are a pain to level.

Sadly, as of this morning on the forums, our resto druid and our warrior OT are going to be MIA for a few months as money issues have caused them to need to let their game time lapse.

So looks like it's back to the drawing board for another tank and healer or 2 tanks and I take up a healing role.

So blah, looks like meeting time again. *sigh*

Askevar said...


Sorry to hear that

Loot drama sucks. We've avoided much of it in the 25 mans by using the Suicide Kings system. The only thing we ask beyond is that tank gear go to mainspec tanks but it usually trickles down pretty fast. And despite the ability to do so, none of the guild tanks will bid on dps gear unless it's going to go to shard. Hence why most of us have dps sets that are behind... [I just last week bought 4 pieces of t9 for my dk]. I never saw the point, especially when tank gear is being given some priority to tanks, for us to waste a piece someone else could use for mainset.

And Warriors ARE a MAJOR pain to level. I'm never going to do it again. He's 76 atm, almost 77. My plan all along has been to get him to 80, get him a little gear and a few nice things and transfer him with full heirlooms so I can experiment a bit with characters in cataclysm without worrying about my full server [plus I'd get a spot to level a worgen druid with my hubby]. Just gotta find the motivation for those last few levels... gah

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