Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GM Rant

How many hits can on poor little raid group take? Apparently, a lot.

As of this morning, it appears we are now down a tank and healer as well as the dps spot(s) we've been trying to fill. Our OT (warrior) and party healer (druid) have run up against obstacles, in real life, that have caused them to need to let their wow time elapse.

Our once full raid group, has taken a couple pretty big hits over the last 2 weeks. But the lose of a tank and a healer, is the biggest one yet. It's hard enough to find dps.

Our line up looks something like this now:
MT - DeathKnight
Heals - Shaman
Heals - Priest
Heals - EMPTY
DPS - Warrior
DPS - Warlcok
DPS - Mage*
DPS - Paladin*

I have marked the mage because just recently joined our group to see how they like it and we haven't ran anything to give them a feel yet.

The Paladin is marked simply because they are not in the guild and have other obligations to their current guild that prevents them from being able to attend all our events.

Now we do have a couple back up OTs and healers in the guild. However, by utilizing them, we would be removing them from other positions in the raid since they are alts of our raiders.

DPS Warrior = OT Prot
MT Death Knight = Holy Priest Heals
Shaman Healer = OT Druid

Regardless of what we do it's going to require us to either recruit a tank and a healer or 2 healers or 1 healer and another dps. Our warrior tank is willing to fill in as OT until we find another but does not want this to become his main raid spec. I'm very reluctant to switch from DK tanking to healing, simply because finding a MT is even harder then finding an OT.

So what is a girl to do? It's my responsibility to keep the raids going, to keep the guild on track, to keep people from becoming stagnant and wanting to quit. We all want to keep raiding, or better yet, raid consistently. That's my job as Guild Master. A job I feel like I am currently failing at.

The only thing left for me to do, that I haven't don yet, is spam trade with guild recruitment messages. Which I totally despise doing. It normally brings us the crazies, children, beggars and players otherwise scorned from other guilds for their behavior.

I have listed a message on the Shadow Council forums, listed posts on the wow_ladies forum over on LiveJournal...we have a website, we talk to, or encourage our members, to talk to people in their pug groups that are unguilded. However, this strategy doesn't work so well now that you are VERY unlikely to be grouped with someone from your own server during a pug.

We have a clear, defined definition of what we are and what we are looking for. We're a group of casual, fun, relaxed players looking for people to join our 10 man raid group. We're not worried about gear scores or experience levels, we're willing to help with that. Our only requirement is that the person be fun, relaxed and looking to have a good time while keeping the drama out of. Is that so hard to find?

Sheesh, there has to be something I'm missing...


Anonymous said...

I think this is the hardest part of organising a raid, ensuring you have all the people you need to be succesful actually there at a time you want to raid.

Once there things tend to go well as long as there is someone with the personality there to inject some order.



Anonymous said...

We were having the same problem with our friends/family super casual guild. Nowhere to progress except for 10 mans, and our guild only have 5-6 active members that wanted to do it.

We ended up being absorbed by another guild. :( They are great people, but it was sad to move away from the guild where WE were the Gms/Officers.

Now we have enough people to raid usually, but since the newer guild has a .. how to say this nicely.. limited application process, rather than an invitation only process for allowing new members, some of those members just aren't up to our standards. ;)

And of course they have yet to promote me even to a low-ranking officer, which annoys me greatly (not sure why, but there you go!). I'm used to being a council member, if not actually a GM.

Of course, people joining your 'casual' guild should not expect to be raiding regularly. It is fun to do, but unless you have a 'raiding' guild, it is not really your responsibility to organise everything.

GM's shouldn't have to do all of the work in any case, any raiding guild have raid leaders. Try to get (all of) your members to recruit people they know. Open recruiting is not the best way of growing a guild IMHO, too many rejects and bad players out there. Phail Raids can be expensive, time consuming, and frustrating!

Good luck finding the people to round out your group. :)


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