Monday, January 4, 2010

Positive Progression

We have officially made progress. Saturday night our guild/raid group attended our first scheduled Ulduar weekly run.

XT was the weekly raid quest again, which was the original reason we headed into Ulduar this week. Night one we got down FL, XT, Razorscale and Kologran (with 9 people present). The second night, we downed Auriaya and moved on to Ony and then OS10.

Our line up went as follows:
Kalyara - DK Tank
Kiwalski - Warrior Tank
Etolani - Resto Shaman
Savilla - Disc Priest
Raggy - Resto Druid
Merkit - Destro Warlock
Archslayer - Fury Warrior
Shayloah - Hunter
Zar - Shadow Priest
Guest - Hunter (who afked out eventually)

Now the amazing part, Arch and Sav have only been 80s for about a week. As most people know, they were a RaF couple that rerolled new toons on our sever to help out the guild. Zar was also a new 80, who was mainly in green quest/drop gear.

We had one wipe on FL, getting people to understand their position and the fight. XT went super smooth, as usual and we finished off Razorscale with only one wipe. That is totally awesome.

Now Kolo was a little more of a challenge. Most people had never seen this fight before. It took 2 wipes for us to get this guy down and we did it with only 9 people since our guest hunter had DC'd by this point.

On the second night we brought in Kirt, our hopefully, normal ret pally. With her help, we were able to down cat lady in one try. Since, I was a fail tank and didn't bring any frost resist gear to attempt Hodir, we voted to move on to Ony and then OS10.

Ony took us 4 attempts. Mainly, because again most people had never made it past phase 2. I was super excited since I finally got to do the Ony head quest! Yay!!

All I can say, is...excited!! Can't wait to do it all again.

We will officially start our normally weekly raiding on the 13th, with a Wed, Friday, Sunday raid schedule. Our focus "progression" raid will be Ulduar for now on Friday and Sunday. Wednesday is going to be a shorter raid night where we will dabble a little in ToC10, Ony, older content, etc.

I'm not sure our group is fully ready for ToC yet, but I think we could down a boss or two.

Now, my thoughts on the group as a whole. We seem to work pretty well together. Arch and Sav bring with them a pretty extensive raid background from their Alliance side toons. This proved to be a great asset in Ulduar. They have an amazing knack for working well together. I've learned pretty quickly that as MT, I can't see anything! Seems my face is constantly planted in the leg, crotch or face of whatever boss we're fighting. So having them in the back ground calling out moves, alerts and giving advice was so awesome.

We have one DPS that I seem to have personality conflicts with. Not because I think he's a bad guy but mainly because he's elitist attitude is a little trying at times. He's a good player, thought newer to the game. He does decent dps, but by no means do I think he's as perfect as he thinks he is. Given a little more time and work, hopefully he can learn to be an even better group player. But that does involve knowing your own class inside and out.

I'm extremely amazed at how far our hunter has come. When we first started playing with her she knew very little about her class and was in a lot of spell power gear. As of last night she is now in full T9 and has gear with good hunter stats on it. To see her pull 3K DPS did my heart good. I know she has the potential to do so much more, but this is a great start compared to the 900 - 1K she was doing before.

The new shadow priest is our next group project. Since he just hit 80 and was mainly healing as holy, getting him some DPS gear will put us in even a better place to start Ulduar on the 13th.

All in all, great group, we had a blast and that's all that matters. Cause if you're not having fun, then it's not worth the effort!

Happy New Year!!


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