Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Home Stretch

The DK hit 79 last night and is almost half way through the level. I suspect we'll hit 80 before the end of the week.

We ran HoL and UP with the guild and had a pretty easy time. Tanking the instances wasn't too bad. We were heavy in the melee department with myself, a 77 prot pally, an 80 feral druid, 80 shadow priest and then Eto healing. HoL went pretty smoothly, only a couple of mess ups on my part. Simply because I was use to dpsing and wasn't' familiar with what mobs needed to die first but we all made it through without any wipes. The awesome tanky trinket did drop..yay!..but I lost the roll to the warrior...boo. Oh well, she's in more need of it right now then I am anyway. And her main and only spec, is prot so I'll get it next time.

Our first ever wipe came in UP on the last boss. Apparently, Bane, is a very bad thing when you are melee heavy. But after reminding everyone not to touch him when he casts Bane, it went pretty smoothly.

Kaly now has her sexy new silver-plated battlechest from UP as well as some new crafted legs (daunting legplates) and gloves (daunting handguards). I was also able to pick up the Ebon Blade rep tank boots last night. I know, I know, Toxin-Tempered Sabatons, have block and "silly DK you don't have a shield!" I'm just waiting to get this. My guild already thinks I'm just a dumb girl and has no idea what I'm doing. I didn't pick them up for the block but they have nice defense for a starting tank, even if I can't wield a board.

Seems I find myself defending my every move with the guild and most other people I come up against. I swear I'm not crazy, I have done my research and I do know what I need. I need defense, stamina, dodge/parry and expertise. Those are the stats that will benefit me. And if it just so happens that a piece of armor has block on it too...oh well. I can use the other stats from it until I find something more suited for me. So, I'll just kick ass, and watch them eat their words when they realize.."hey, maybe she does know how to tank".

We did find out that Eto and I pretty much have our raid spots guaranteed to us when we hit 80. I'm not really sure how I feel about this. They want me to tank and want Eto to MT heal. That's great but honestly, the guild isn't ready for the content the guild leader is notorious for jumping too.

A little history..
The GM of the guild I'm in now, was a member of Last Call Alliance side awhile back. He's been a friend of Eto's for awhile and played with him on Brozebeard before Eto moved to playing Alliance. So, the GM, is use to running upper end content, isn't very patient and wants things done NOW. Fast forward to the new Horde guild. These players, really don't' know much about their classes, are running really low dps and just need practice in instances and raids. For the most part, the few I've ran with, haven't done much group content.

I topped our DPS meter in both instances last night and that was against an 80 kitty druid and an 80 shadow priest. Granted they are good people but if he wants them to raid, we're going to have to start off slow with things like Naxx.



Anonymous said...

Block does do you no good, but a piece with def and block is always better than a dps piece :) Heck, so I'd have a dps set, I ended up with a hunter belt no one wanted for a bit, eh.

If tanking is what you enjoy, go for it. In my guild, there are quite a few women [we've got a lot of couples and parent with their kids in the guild], and while I'm not the only female tank, I am the only female 25 man progression raid tank. Until I gave it a go, I swore up and down I'd never enjoy tanking [boy was I wrong... lol] and I only geared my dk tank up to help one of the guild's 10 mans have a consistent and reliable offtank... :)

blitzenslayn said...

Exactly. You know what you're doing baby. As Youyankityoutankit said, def and block is better than the crit boots you had before. :D

As for the guild, we'll see what happens. Maybe we'll start in Naxx, though I suspect the GM will push for weekly attempts of Ony still... Ughs.

Just want us to get to 80 and start playing with lowbie heroics. Want us to have fun with it.

And screw Bane. grrrr

Anonymous said...

The funny thing I've noticed about Bane is sometimes he NEVER casts it... and sometimes he constantly casts it... very odd

Aelystriel said...

I think people are so quick to question a DK tank simply because they're a DK tank. Personally, I haven't met an utterly stupid DK for a long time... but the stigma seems to be lingering. I did a fair bit of tanking on my little dwarf DK while my friend's healer alt was in the same level range (early Northrend) and I actually had a fury warrior claim that he should tank instead because "DKs don't do good." Hurr.

Of course, only a DK can wear tanking plate with a useless stat, so I guess that doesn't help much when you're still digging around for more defence rating.

This is midnightsteel from wow ladies, by the by, and your tab solution is working excelently. ;D

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