Thursday, September 10, 2009

A new journey

______________________________________________________________________ Shakyra approached the orc standing in the middle of the small settlement with slight hesitation. Of course she had seen orcs before, just not so up close and personal. Her tiny village consisted of only a few dozen trolls. Each of whom she knew by name and had since she was a child.

She had never been allowed to leave the village. Had never had any need to until now. She thought back fondly of her home, of her mother and sisters she had left behind only a few days prior. The journey hadn't been a hard one so far. A couple days walk, that was all. Nothing any well trained troll couldn't handle. Though she would never admit to anyone else, her feet and legs were beginning to ache. Fatigue was starting to set in and she was getting hungry.

Shakyra, or Shay as has she was use to being called, took a moment to survey her surroundings. She made note of the small cave located directly behind the Orc. Wondering for a moment if there was a place to rest inside. There was a few other trolls and many orcs scattered around the encampment. Each seemed to be oblivious to her presence and for that she was slightly thankful. She had never been one to draw attention to herself.

She watched the orc standing in front of her for a moment. His presence alone proved him to be a massive force. His armor was slightly worn in places. Shay wondered what the orc had seen in his travels to cause the lines of age around his face to be so prominent. She guess him to be a few years older then her own 19 years. But for an Orc that still didn't justify the marks of ages that drew attention to the emptiness of his eyes. She assumed that like most orcs, his skin was once a vibrant shade of green, but now was fading to an aged shade closer to yellow. None the less, this was not her business and of that she had business of her own to attend to.

Approaching the Orc more confidently this time, Shay walked forward, bringing herself to her full height and made eye contact for the first time with the man she was sent to see.

"Sir, my name be Shakyra Nakuta. I be here to pledge my services to da Horde. I be sent to represent da village of Siruttia." ______________________________________________________________________

So, I don't claim to be an RP'er, or to that thought even a story teller. But I found myself playing this scene in my head last night after I rolled my little baby troll hunter. Maybe I'll continue on with this story in my journal posts about her, maybe not. Who knows. But anyway. Shay is still only a level 5. But those 5 levels did go by extremely fast, as they normally do in the first 10 levels of any toon. I rolled her with the intention of learning the Horde side lore and working towards the Lore Master title. Will I stick to it? *shrug* Maybe. I figured I could do something with my free time while Matt's working. I wanted to take screen shots of her journey and make a journal about the entire rise to 80. I still think it sounds like fun, so maybe it'll happen.

For a strict Alliance girl gone Horde, I'm having a lot of fun on the "dark" side. I feel like such a rebel..hehe. I have found a new fascination with Thrall...yeah, such a dork. I have a ton of screen shots from my DK's adventures in outlands and plan to continue those through Northrend. Visions of an awesome WoW scrapbook dancing in my head.

Other news...Kaly and Ythane attempted ZG again, for the 10 millionth time, last night. Still no raptor mount drop. We're still trying to get another baby raptor pet for Matt's mage. By the way..have I mentioned I LOVE my baby raptor pet?!?! My obsession for the raptors may secretly be the whole reason for rolling a troll...shhhhh!

Hmm, I really should go back and start marking off things from my "To do before Cataclysm hits" list. I even forget what's on that list...

*mental note* - Update list

Ok, so that's in for my nightly wow news, back to the real world! Happy Hunting all!


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