Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tank n' Spank..and a new toon?

My DK hit 70 Saturday night. Northrend should have been in her immediate future but it took most of Sunday and Monday to get her professions, and Matt's Shaman's, to the point they should be to start Northrend. But she finally made it. Sheesh, I never realized what a pain it was to level Jewelcrafting and Enchanting when your toon starts with nothing at level 55 and doesn't have the support of a level 80 toon with gold to spare. Needless to say she still can't fly and is pretty broke.

Tanked my first instance last night. We did UK. My DK tanking, Matt's Shammy healing and a DK, mage and shadow priest as dps. The crazy mage would sheep as soon as I marked her target, never waiting till we were ready, even after being asked to wait. The other DK in the group was constantly pulling and yanking mobs. Sadly he was the guild leader and a former member of Last Call when I was GM. It turned out to be choas. I can't count the number of times I lost aggro. Though thanks to great healing, we never wiped. I died once when Matt turned to answer a question for Zack. I'm sure the more experience I get the easier tanking will become. I found afterwards that I was missing rotations, etc.

Alliance side? Nothing much to report. We still haven't been playing much there. Tried ZG again but no raptor mount drop. I did get my baby raptor pet the last run though. That was super exciting. I am beginning to think Blizzard is lying and they took that raptor mount out of the game!

So I'll have a lot of time to myself, with Matt's new job, to work on WoW. I think I might level my hunter. She is alliance side on Shadow Council but I think I want to play her and I did find I enjoy questing on my own sometimes. I think because it keeps my head occupied and it's kind of relaxing. It's either my hunter or my druid. It may be both, since I may have ALOT of time to kill. We'll see. But I have visions of a cute Night Elf Hunter with an awesome array of pets.


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