Thursday, September 24, 2009

Death Knight Tank Gear

I've been thinking, since my DK is another level closer to 80...what am I going to do for tanking gear. Of course, as I've been leveling there hasn't been many options. I've taken every tank option the quests and instances have offered. But normally, tanks get shafted. Most of the gear offered is plate healing gear or dps gear. Guess Blizzard doesn't' think tanks actually level as tanks.

Oh well. So, what gear can I get. I've searched high and low, every website I could find and done my research. I know as a Death Knight, I need Defense, Stamina, Parry and Dodge. Block does nothing for since I obviously don't have a shield. With those stats in mind, and trying to remember I need the magic 540 defense cap, I've found the following.

I think, most of this should easily get me tanking heroics for some better gear.


Head: Heroic Gundrak
Ground Tremor Helm
Head: Quest Icecrown
The Crusader's Resolution

Wrist: Heroic Culling of Strat
Bindings of Dark Will

Chest: Quest (Junk in my Trunk) for Utgarde Pinnacle
Silver-Plated Battlechest

Shoulders: Quest in Halls of Stone
Pauldrons of Reconnaissance

Wyrmrest Accord:
Breastplate of the Solemn Council - Revered (Chest)
Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions - Honored (Back)
Sabatons of Draconic Vigor - Revered (Feet)

Argent Crusade:
Special Issue Legplates - Honored (Legs)

Knights of the Ebonblade:
Toxin-Tempered Sabatons - Honored (Feet)

Wrist: Tempered Saronite Bracers
Gloves: Daunting Handguards
Waist: Tempered Saronite Belt
Legs: Daunting Legplates


tdleitch said...

A very "good to know" cross-post made by Midnightsteel on our WoW_ladies Live Journal about this post! Thanks for the info, the defense cap is a pain for sure:

Bloo, I was trying to comment on your latest post (about gearing your DK for heroics) but the comment box won't let me scroll down to hit submit. D:

Copy and paste to the rescue:

I noticed the lack of tanking drops while I was levelling up, too, though I was somewhat appeased by the tanking rewards from instance quests. Sucks not to have something to roll on in the instance, but hey, guaranteed loot isn't a bad thing. :P

On a side note, if you're only aiming to tank heroics at the moment you only need 535 defence, not 540. I held my warrior tank while struggling for 540, only to realise I was crit-capped versus heroic bosses already. >.>;

Anonymous said...

Also, when you hit max level there's a rune you can put on your weapon that gives you 25 defense [not rating - straight defense] Stoneskin Gargoyle is awesome. The tempered saronite set also has a crap ton of defense on it.

And if you can't seem to cap like you need to, there is a nice def trinket in HoL REGULAR off of Loken. Also, you can look up the percentages needed [to be uncritable] and use one of the WG resilience trinkets. Resilience is NOT a long term replacement for Defense [def adds other things, resil is just resil] but you can get yourself crit capped that way. That's how my hubby did it when he had some nasty luck with tanking drops. I used it for about a day or two but I also got a couple of lucky drops as well.

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