Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lock MIA and Pic Updates!

Got to thinking last night/this morning. I am really missing my lock. Now that I've been playing on Brozebeard, on my DK, I've realized the things I enjoyed on her that I miss. Specifically, I find myself a little "jealous" of what Matt's already established toons have on this server that I don't...but my lock has them., fishing, gathering professions, mounts, vanity pets...all the things I worked so hard to get for her and my little DK has...well, nothing really. She has her DK class mount, no flying mount, 2 little vanity pets and 2 decent professions. But she can tank..which I love.

I find myself a little sad when I think about my lock just sitting there in Dalaran, not being played. Don't get me wrong I love my DK. Even though I know I complain about the guild and not really having any friends on Brozebeard, I still like my toon. Kalyina was my signature toon. I wanted her to have the titles and the achievements...she's my main. Or she really? Since the only thing I do with her anymore is log on to do the cooking and fishing daily? You know to add to my 1088 Northern Spices just sitting in my bank and the chance to maybe get that turtle mount while fishing, that I won't really get to use.

Balance...I don't have much. But what is there to do on Shadow Council? The guild I'm in there isn't really doing much. They don't want to teach Ulduar fights to new raiders. Not that we can raid there anyway since Matt works most nights now and doesn't get home till almost 8, which is raid start time. I don't need to do heroics. I could log on while he's at work and just farm. But for what purpose? To make money for the expansion? But I want to play a goblin..and that's horde so I need to be making gold on Brozebeard...thus I roll another toon. My hunter, who is occupying my time on that server while Matt's at work. With the hopes of making some gold. But...she's not my lock.

Just bitching I guess. =(

So on to more productive things...the list:

1. Kill Onyxia and do the 60 head quest - CHECK!

12. Level my DK to 80 - IN PROGRESS: Past outlands and well into Northrend!!

15. Level a horde toon from 1 - 80 - IN PROGRESS: Meet Shakya!

New and Interesting things:Kaly and Eto had a baby?!?!?!
AAAAHHHHHHHH - Nah it's just an orphan matron in cute!!
(and what a relief, Bloodelf/Tauren baby..scary!)

Kaly got to meet Thralls grandmother....Squeeeeee!!


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