Friday, October 23, 2009

Bring on the weekend

To say last night was quiet, would probably be an understatement. It was quiet, to the point of border line boring. That being mainly my fault. Did my JC daily, messed with my bank toon, duel spec'd my DK to unholy DPS just so she can have a ghoul all the time. Nothing major, nothing exciting.

The daily heroic was OK. Still scared of that place so we didn't do it. Maybe tonight, who knows. Have just found myself really tired lately and sleep sounded more impressive then playing. So that's what I did.

Plans are still on for this weekend to the best of my knowledge. Think we're going to faction transfer Kalyista (my shammy) as well as server transfer Kuta (Eto's hunter). Not that we will be able to play these together, since we barely find the time to play Kalyara and Eto together around work and family schedules. But it will give us both something else to do and hopefully me a little bit of relaxation tomorrow.

Wish I had more important things to blog about. Just seems my thoughts aren't running that deep as far as the game goes.


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