Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vault of Archavon

Yep, broke through my fear...baby steps right?

Tanked 10man VoA last night. Well more so off tanked it. There was a pug group in trade looking for a OT and healer. Just so happens I can OT and I have my own pocket healer. So, before I could let my nerves change my mind, we accepted.

It honestly went very smoothly. We had one wipe on Koralon. Which I wasn't really surprised. I figured it being my first time we'd have a death or two. We had him down to about 6% when I died and his next meteor fist strike hit the target for a lot of damage since I wasn't there to split it. Let me just say, trying to stay right on top of another player when they are moving around isn't as easy as it sounded! But it was successful, sadly he dropped Mage and Warlock items and we had neither in the party.

Emalon, oddly, was a piece of cake. I took the boss and the warrior took the adds. I found this a little unusual, I figured I would take the adds since I've always considered warriors to be better 1 target tanks. Regardless, we downed him on the first try. He did drop PvP pants for me, since I was the only DK and caster gloves for Eto, who was also the only Shaman in the group.

Now Archavon, he was a little confusing. I had seen this fight a ton of times on my lock, and pretty much knew that the tank would get yanked up and the OT would taunt when the aggro dropped. But we just went charging in and occasionally I would get a whisper that said "taunt" from the MT, then he'd taunt back off of me. I think, from what I've heard, normally the tanks keep aggro till they are yanked up, then the other picks up and keeps it till he is yanked, etc. So I assume because most people were over geared for this fight and ready to go, we just went with it. Was slightly odd that they instructed the healers to dps as well.

Anyway, I have pretty comfortable with that raid now, on 10 man at least. My next task, Naxx. I think I should be able to handle that pretty easily since my gear is pretty much above the Naxx10 level.


Askevar said...

The warrior was having you taunt on Archavon to be second on threat. When he picks up the MT, he immediately goes to second on threat. Can't say why he wanted healers dpsing but eh.

Hubby and I play taunting games on Archavon just to see if we can be the one picked up [I don't recommend it with a random tank though as they would probably get mad :P]

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