Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PUGs and Such

The guild didn't see any more growth last night. That was probably because we weren't sitting in town spamming in "Guild Recruitment" or Trade or flying from zone to zone to spam in the local channels. Instead we took a break from recruiting and spent a little time with a couple guildies and ran a heroic or two.

The first one wasn't so good. We choose Nexus, because Eto "may" be able to use the mace off the last boss. Though I still think his titansteel mace is better, but anyway. We had to pug two spots for this run, we got a rogue and another DK. Surprising, my problem was with our mage and the rogue.

I wasn't loosing aggro to them by any fault of my own. Neither of them seems to understand that SKULL dies first. I was constantly having to taunt X or Square off the rogue so when our Mage drew aggro, my taunt was always on cooldown. We didn't wipe, but lost the rogue and the mage twice each. I'm still surprised that people at 80 don't understand kill order. How can you go 80 levels without understanding that? Oh well, think I need to make a macro that spams my kill order.

Second heroic was H-VH...seems I like this one. It went pretty smooth actually. No dumb-ass-Paladin in the party this time. We ran with Ben's Hunter, a pug mage and a pug boomchicken. The group went smooth, dps was low, but it was a somewhat sad group. Neither the mage, nor the boomchicken were very friendly. There went all attempts to swoon people over to our guild. Can't very well convince people I'm sweet, funny and friendly if they aren't very friendly themselves.

Another, "Omg, your 80?" surprise from the VH run. A caster ring dropped off of one of the bosses, I greed to DE and the conversation went like this:

Me: I'm greeding to DE, we can roll at the end.
Boomchicken: That's an upgrade, can I need?
Me: Sure, go for it.
Mage: Oh, can I need too?
Me: If it's an upgrade for you, both of you can need roll for it.
-Mage wins loot roll-
Me: Grats (insert Mage name here)!
Mage: huh?
Me: won the roll, grats
Mage: Trade it?
Me: ...It's in your bag, it says you received the ring...
Mage Whispers: Do I give you my old ring for the DE thing?

Hmmm. Are we sure this is not a bought account, how can you be 80 and not realize that equipment is soulbound and soulbound can't be DE'd. I just wanted to hug him. Though we continued on with the pulls in a pretty quick manner, as VH usually goes, and I didn't have time to explain this to him.


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