Thursday, October 8, 2009

Heroic Happiness

H-DTK was the daily on our server last night! (Still on Bronzebeard for the moment). Needless to say I was a happy Tanker. It's one of the few heroics I've ran on multiple occasions and one that I am very comfortable with. I'll have to say I think last night's run was done in my own personal record time. Guess it goes to show how comfortable I am with my abilities in that instance!

As I mentioned earlier. For now we are still on Bronzebeard. Haven't made a decision yet as to when we're going to do the transfer. Personally, I'm up in the air on going before or after the supposed Naxx run. Right now there are only 5 people signed up, including Eto and I. So it may be a bust anyway. Wouldn't really surprise me with that guild. We'll see but I'd say we'll be back on Shadow Council sometime this weekend if not before.

I'm getting excited about moving my DK to Shadow Council. Probably because I know the economy there and how the AH works, Alliance side at least. I'm looking forward to having access to my farming toons again and making some more gold. Is it slightly odd that one of my favorite WoW pastimes is making money? But that would be why I had my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth pretty early on.

Oh, to read some patch notes for 3.3!! I'm sure I'll have something to say about that soon!


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