Thursday, October 1, 2009

Level 80 Annoyances

Well...she's 80...I should be happy right? Wrong. Honestly, I find myself wishing she were still questing for xp and levels.


Things were easier then.
- No Rep grind.
- No gear headaches
- No wondering what to do next
- Various other personal RL reasons

Tanked my first heroic last night. It went pretty smooth actually. We did wipe twice but that was because were trying for an achievement and it didn't go so well. Granted it was a pretty easy heroic for my first try. DTK is pretty simple on heroic. Eto did an awesome job keeping my butt alive.

Happily I was defense capped for heroics. I had to make a few minor changes to my armor to get that number but it was all things I was able to do myself with JCing and enchanting.

Now to just figure out how to get more stamina without loosing the defense. *sigh* I have decided defense caps for tanks is like trying to maintain hit caps for a lock...both suck!


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