Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Going Home

Been complaining about Bronzebeard for awhile now. Well, actually since I rolled on that server to be exact. The complaints being mainly about the nonexistent LFG, bad guild, lack of support from my other 80s, etc.

Events from said bad guild and even more so the annoyance of trying to find a pug for HoL for the last 3 days and failing, is finally pushing us over the edge. We've decided to transfer our toons from Bronzebeard to Shadow Council.

Originally, we had thought we would faction and server transfer and put them happily Alliance side with our other toons. After some long debate we've decided we're happy with these toons being Horde and would like to keep the support mainly for future endeavors (Goblins of course!).
So, that's going to save us some real life money! We're only going to have to pay....ahhhhhh!....$125.00 to server transfer 5 toons. *cries* Are we crazy?!? We're going to dump $125.00 into a game?!? Oh well, call us crazy if you wish. But we hate, hate, hate...or I hate, hate, hate Bronzebeard.

Now the question becomes...we are signed up to do a Naxx10 run with the so called bad guild on Friday night. Do we stay for the possible Naxx run and hope for some nice drops before we leave? Or do we go ahead and transfer ourselves off before then?

Honestly, I don't feel any remorse for leaving the guild. Yes, it's ran by a couple so called "friends" of Eto's. Yes, I have used things from the guild bank to level my professions. But in my defense, I have been donating gold to the bank, the gems I took I returned in the form of cut gems and the few enchanting mats I've used to level were returned to the bank as enchant scrolls. I think I've paid my due diligence back to them ten fold. For the last 7 or 8 weeks, I've played as much an active role as they will allow, I've giving to the guild bank, I've done instance runs for people that I didn't need, I've offered advice and assistance...but in the end I don't care to be in a guild that is full of hypocrites. I have never asked to be boosted, given freebies, etc..but I have asked in guild for dps for instances that I've needed for one item or another. Sadly, it's always been to no avail.

It's time for Kaly to go home. To a server where I know people pug..and pug well. A server where I know the AH is a true source of exchange and not a rarely used building collecting dust. Seriously, people don't trade on the AH for a profit? Shocked!

So, the plan:
1. Clear Babibank's inventory and mail everything to the DK.
2. Check the rarely used AH on Bronzebeard to see if there is any need in buying low to sell for a profit on Shadow Council. Highly doubt this, since Shadow Council has a greatly used AH and Brozebeard's economy is slightly off.
3. Drop a couple hundred gold in the said bad guilds bank for any mats I may have used that they could consider not paid back by other things I've deposited.
4. Delete some lowbie toy toons off the roster on Shadow Council.
Keep - Kalyina, Kalyanna, Kalyista, Alirah, Ash and Kalybank. That means I have 4 lowbie rarely played, somewhere below level 20 alts that can be deleted. Oh and I have to hold on to the name holder for my Goblin. Tinkabella was not available on Shadow Council so looks like the baby mage will be called Tinkabell instead. (Just love the idea of a Goblin named Tink)
5. Create the new Horde side Shadow Council I want to be GM again?
6. Actually get my butt in action and do it.

On a side note, Eto and I did duo up to and including the first boss in normal UP last night..several times...praying she would drop her tank bracers. Sadly she did not! But, much tanky love and many thanks go out to Aelystriel for bringing it to my attention that I could be using Tempered Saronite Bracers to get me over the defense cap. See I knew I blogged for a reason....very thankful for the advise and support from my fellow lady tanks!


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