Saturday, October 10, 2009

I did what?

Main tanked Naxx...seriously? Yep, I did. Well, 2 wings at least. We started, very late, with spider wing. Cleared it in less then an hour and the only wipe came on Maxena. Honestly, I don't think this was any fault of anyone in the raid, just bad timing on the wraps and the enrage. I went down when she was at about 5%. The off tank, who was a prot warrior attempting to dps the fight with a two hander, tried picking her up and went down in two shots. So the group wiped, ran back in and took her down on the second try.

We moved on to Plague quarter next. Honestly, no big problems here but one of my all time biggest tanking highs?
That's right...I tanked, successfully on my second try..Heigan. This has always been my favorite fight in Naxx. I love the safety dance. I've always done it from the caster platform as dps, and it took me a few minutes to realize I can stop attacking and run to the next zone and not try to back up to it, before I got the rotation down. The first attempt went on for awhile, with all the dps dying in the first teleport stage. It came down to me and two healers and between us we got him to about 50%. I wiped after my healers did...shhh, I'm not bragging really! Ok, so I am bragging...enough that I had to screenshot it! Cause, if there's not proof, then it didn't happen right?

With the late start, we decided to call it after the second wing and the guild was going to attempt to complete it later. I say "the guild" since I'm not longer a member of it.

We finally put our money where I mouth was and went through with the transfer. Or we're going through with it as I write this post. Patiently waiting for it to complete so we can get settled.
I think this was a little more disheartening after last nights run. I think both Eto and I expected Naxx to go horribly and give us more reason to move. Fortunately..and surprisingly it didn't happen that way.

So leaving today was a little more somber then I expected. But it's somewhat necessary for us both. With Bronzebeard being a west coast server the times are just too late for us. A raid starting at 6:30 server for them is 9:30 Eastern time for us. That's pretty late when you have a family and full time jobs to account for.

On a happier note, we did decide on a guild name for the Horde side Shadow Council guild. My tiny bank toon/goblin name holder is currently the proud bearer of the guild charter for Faded Delusions. Now just to get sigs on that charter and get to work. *sigh* Oh well, no pain no growth..or is that no pain, no gain..either way..looks like we have a job to do.

Oh..and no I didn't get any drops from Naxx last night. Eto did get an awesome caster shield off of Maxina though!!


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