Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heroic from Hell

Shadow Council has been experiencing some major lag lately. I'm not talking the normal Dalaran lag. Not even the normal holiday lag. It's really bad. Click to loot and wait about 60 seconds, try to send mail and it's going to take about 3 - 4 MINUTES, need to trade...good look.

So, last night, I was all up for logging out and hitting the couch for a movie and a wow free night. However, Eto was 1 emblem away from his Tier 9 shoulders so we were going to do the daily heroic. No big deal, it's DTK, that's simple and fast, right?


We get the group together and into the instance we go. Yank, yank, pull, pretty smooth up to the last group of mobs in the first hallway. By this point the lag is getting so bad, the time it's taking Eto to cast heals and then for them to actually hit me, has my health meter doing crazy stuff. Full one second almost dead the next, etc. Healer reaches over to grab a drink and boom we're all dead. WTF?!?

We corpus run back, rez, rebuff and move on, clear through the next room and the boss pretty easily, nothing major. We down the boss and then poof, the DK dps drops group and just logs out. Nothing is said, no explanation, he doesn't answer our whispers, just logs off. Seriously? Ok, so lets 4 man it. It's just DTK, no biggy.

We move on through the spiders, little to no drama here and then it's the second boss. Hunter takes the top of the stairs while the mage and I take the bottom elites. The shield comes down and the mage and I go after the boss. I see boxes popping up all over Eto's screen..spell book, character sheet, talent tree, etc...he's trying to type to tell the hunter to come down and has missed the enter button to open the chat box. Mage dies, health is low, boss is almost down..Army of the Dead to the rescue! We down the boss, rez the dead and take a deep breath.

Moving on, nothing major till we get to King Dred...let me say, this was a nightmare. There is fear everywhere, he calls the raptors, mage gets aggro, we all start lagging, the next thing I know, I'm dead and Eto and the hunter are running in place. *sigh* Wipe, try again. Goes about the same, one second my health is full, the next I'm on the ground, 2 minutes to try to release. SKIP THIS BOSS!

Next couple of pulls are ok, slow casting, etc. Last pull in the hall before going up the stairs doesn't' go so smooth. I see Eto finally try to sit down to drink...I'm marking the mobs in the group when all of a sudden..*poof* the hunter pops out of thin air in front of me and is shooting the mobs. I run, try...and I mean drop D&D..nothing happens...chasing after the mobs who are chasing after the mage who is running. I'm hitting Blood Boil, Plague Strike, Icy Touch..nothing. I'm just running in a circle chasing the mobs chasing the mage. Finally D&D drops..crap it's way over there!! Run towards the red stuff....mage dies, mobs aggro Eto, Eto dies, mobs finally aggro me..but I still can't attack...oh...nevermind..I'm dead too.

It was something straight out of a comic strip. The mage running, mobs on the mage, tank chasing the mobs..we all fall down. That DTK run took an hour an a half! Really, no kidding. We died 5 times in a lowbie Blizz! Fix our server please!!!


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