Monday, October 5, 2009

Tanking chaos and guild complaints

Where to start? It was a pretty..eventful...weekend.

Tanked my first raid. heard right..though I really just off-tanked. We did OS10 Friday night with the guild. Apparently, they decided I was geared well enough to off tank. Surprisingly, it went very smooth. Except, I was getting and holding aggro a little too well. I was pulling adds off the warrior tank and I'm just not geared well enough to take that much direct damage. So, once I backed off a little it was smooth sailing. I got my T7 glove drop. That was a pretty good upgrade for me. Yay!

Have I mentioned that I hate pugs lately? So this is how it goes....
ME: LFM 3 DPS for h-gundrak, pst
Stupid Mage in whisper: I'll go
-Stupid Mage joins group-
Eto: Yay! Full group
ME: Flying that way
Stupid Mage in party: uh, who's tanking
ME: That would be me
Stupid Mage: Are you in tank gear?
ME: Yes
Stupid Mage: 25,000 health?
ME: Would you prefer to tank?
Stupid Mage: I thought tanks were suppose to have a lot of health.
ME: Your call dude, you're welcome to find another group.
-Stupid Mage leaves group-
-Not so stupid mage joins the group-
It's just Heroic Gundrak...not like I'm trying to tank Ulduar. *sigh*

We finish gundrak without any major problems. It did wipe twice. Once because I attempted to tank the snake boss in the room at the bottom of the stairs, snakes wrapped me and thus causing a wipe. Moved the DPS and healer to the top of the stairs..snake boss went down with no problems. Second wipe was on the last boss. I don't think Eto was expecting me to take as much damage as I did when he went Rhino form. But second try, popped Unbreakable Armor when he transformed and all was well.

Watched, or semi-watched, Eto heal the new Ony encounter with the guild Saturday night. I watched the first attempt, they wiped, then decided to walk away for a bit. Yeah, I was jealous. Think that was magnified after the run when I saw what Eto got off the run. Oh well. Never said I wasn't human. Well..Bloodelf..but we can be jealous too. =(

Got pulled into a Flame Leviathan run last night. I did walk away from it with Ironsoul. =D

The guild is a little odd. They aren't geared or ready in any way for Ulduar but the GM insists on skipping all the early 80 raids in hopes of getting them directly into some of the higher end content. The hidden reason for this...because he's already done everything up to and including most of the ToC10 stuff. So instead of building his guild up and showing them how to work together, which they seriously need, he'd rather skip right to the content he can use.

Sadly, most of the DPS from his so called "old friends" is well below where it should be for their level. I'm not just talking about them being under geared. I'm talking about them needing help understanding the concept of raiding. For the most part, they are pretty well geared, with emblem items and a few drops. But they aren't exactly well spec'd or using the proper rotations to get the max damage they could be doing.

Example...a destro lock, in combination T7 and T8 gear, nice weapons and trinkets, is pulling about 2000 dps. *shudder* I almost shed a tear when I saw this. Not to mention the weeping I did when I saw the Demo lock, in horrible gear, walk into the instance with her Voidwalker out. I inspect her and she hasn't talented into her Felguard. *gawk*

Those are just a few of the things I've seen going on with the DPS I've had in my 5 mans. We have decent mage damage output..but they haven't learned to control it. The raid leaders have to actually tell them when they can start dpsing. Otherwise, we have mages shooting fireballs before the tank even gets to the target.

I find myself more and more annoyed with this guild as of late. They all want to throw advise around and have the attitude that I seriously just started playing yesterday, but they can't play their own toons. Honestly, I accept your advise and thank you for it, but I'm not a noob. Really I know what that is used for and I know how to gear my toons.

I've never been the kind of person to need to stroke my own ego or prove my point. But sadly, right now, I'm ready to faction transfer my lock to the server just to prove girls can play and in this case, better then most of the guys in the guild.


Askevar said...

Your post [specifically regarding stupidmage ] reminded me of a tanking incident that happened to me not too long ago. I credited and linked you in the post accordingly :D

Aelystriel said...

"Tank is in DPS gear now, right?"


This claims the spot of my biggest pet peeve at the moment. People complain endlessly about how few tanks there are, then slam people who are trying to gear one up. I blame people like your stupidmage for all the plate-wearing DPS running around going "I'm rolling on tank gear, btw, tank is my main spec but I don't have gear to use it yet." Just... just... 20k used to be perfectly acceptable! Stop complaining about anyone sporting less than 30k. D:

blitzenslayn said...

Amen! Amen!

I completely agree. Kaly is an awesome tank.

I can count on one hand the number of times that she's actually messed up tanking instances. Whereas I'd need all of my fingers and toes to count the number of times I've screwed up healing her or the party.

tdleitch said...

I agree totally, the stupid-mage's of the world are the ones that make warriors, paladins and DKs decide to stay DPS. Who wants to be complained at when you're trying to gear up. Grrr, annoying.

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