Monday, October 26, 2009

Project: Quiet Weekend - FAIL

So the plan for the quiet weekend, was pretty much a failure. Well to some degree. It was a quiet weekend. So extremely quiet that I don't remember playing much at all.

Sadly, I did some farming on Saturday...but my total play time was very minimal. Maybe...3 hours? Sunday wasn't much better.

I did get brave and tank H-AN last night. Too bad it was the daily and I didn't freaking pick it up. It was the whole reason I ran that horrible instance. It would have put me 1 emblem away from my sigil upgrade. But of course, port back to Dalaran and realize, I never picked up the freaking daily. *sigh* Logged off after that.


blitzenslayn said...

Well, you did bring your Shaman over from Alliance to Horde.

I brought my hunter over from a different server.

We did some heroics, tried to do VoA10, just had crappy heals and dps.

Overall a quiet weekend. And getting away from WoW is not always a bad thing. :D

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